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Kat diary; It’s (going to be) A GIRL!!

Published August 19, 2016 by hairballexpress

Oh my Flippin FLEAS!🙀

Yesterday all the humans were wound up tighter than a cheap clock…and guess WHY?

Well, it all started when the human woke up at 5:30 am to watch the Creature when its parents went to work. 

At 7:3o she noticed the Creature hadn’t arrived yet, so she decided to just go to her house instead. 

Just as she got there, she saw the Creature and her Mom and they were getting ready to leave to go to the doctor fur the ultrasound that was going to let the Creature’s Mom and Dad know how the baby is doing-

And they came back with all these pictures of the littlest tiniest Creature! 

  • And, it’s A GIRL!!!!!!!!! 

The Creature is going to have a baby sister! *frantically digging tunnel to Japan*

Here are some of the close up ultrasound pictures (at 18 weeks):

They are all so excited – and even Serafina knows somethings up -(wait til I tell her what all this means)! 

To them it’s all exciting – but to Serafina and I – (and every other Kat in the neighborhood)- it’s DOUBLE TROUBLE! 🙀


                   *darts under bed*

Thank you fur all your support and purrayers 

Published December 11, 2015 by hairballexpress

 ….But they are no longer necessary. 
 The Creature’s Mom lost the baby today.
We are all disappointed, (even Serafina and I)- but knew it was likely to happen. We also know it was for the best. 

The Creature is sorry she won’t have her baby brother (yet) -but I think it’s easier fur her because the baby was still unseen. I think it would’ve been much harder if she had been able to see and touch the baby. 

She is looking forward to the next time and we know the next time it will be fine.

Purrayer Request: (Still)

Published December 7, 2015 by hairballexpress

Flippin hospital. 

The Creature’s Mom and Dad spent most of Sunday at the ER – trying to make sure the baby Creature is okay because of some bleeding purroblems that have hung around fur a couple of days.

At first after the initial exam they said everything looked good but they still wanted to do an ultrasound. 

Then it got a little frustrating. I’ll spare you all the details, but they were basically told that they don’t know if the baby’s okay. 

“The bleeding could be a miscarriage – or a lot of other things – and, (that) if she’s having a miscarriage, there’s nothing we can do about it.” 😾 

(This was said with no empathy or concern whatsoever)- just hurriedly – as if they just wanted to rush them out the door.

So they still don’t know fur sure what’s going on and exactly what is causing the bleeding, and the radiologist said that her uterus is “moving around more than (they) like to see -” But we have no idea exactly what that means.

So the humans are exhausted and unsure about what the flea is going on and still don’t know fur sure that the baby is okay.

Please keep them all in purrayer! 

Meanwhile, I’m sharpening my claws,…

*tail FLAP!* 😾

Creature Feature: DOUBLE TROUBLE! 🙀

Published November 22, 2015 by hairballexpress

Well – my Caturday was spent in blissful peace and quiet because there were no creatures of any kind around most of the day! 

But it didn’t last…

It was the Creature’s seventh birthday and all the family got together fur pizza while the Creature unleashed her wild side on the playground at the pizza place.

Her daddy’s side of the family all came from out of town and my humans were there too- (my human was taking the pictures), and her Mom and Dad were there too – but her Mom wasn’t feeling well, and had to go home about halfway through the Creature’s scheduled destruction of the pizza playground.

Well, my serenity was shattered when they came home and I discovered that not only did they NOT bring home pizza fur cute little ME, but they also discovered why “Mommy” wasn’t feeling well….  


Great! Just when I got the first one trained!😾

*darts under bed to pout / sharpens claws *

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