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Caturday Complaints 

Published August 27, 2016 by hairballexpress

Greetings humans.😾 ☕️

You know, we kats look furward to our Caturday all week long so we can finally relax and let the fur fly -but then we encounter purroblems- (usually caused by you humans, your creatures, or other non-human “family members).”

Here are a few examples of our Caturday Complaints;

1.) Dressing us? REALLY?

2.) Ruining our Caturday by adopting a walking tongue.

3.) Insisting on BATHING US even though you know we’re self cleaning!

4.) Bringing a peanut butter addict into our castle.

5,) Serving us wet noodles (Without cheese).

6.) Ruining our surprises.

7.) Not wearing makeup-(you need it!)

8.) Installing a walking fire extinguisher.

9.) Interfering with our efforts to “eat right.”

10.) Making us listen to the News.

           CUT IT OUT ALREADY!😾

🐭 Memes courtesy of Cheezeburger 🐭

Kat diary 

Published August 8, 2016 by hairballexpress

Greetings humans! 😺 ☕️ 

This is your lucky day — you get to see pictures of cute little me being,…well, CUTE!!😹 

Aren’t you excited?

The flippin human finally dropped everything to just play with me because she and human #2 noticed I was getting a little jealous of her spending so much time with Tori – 

(Gee, human, ya’ THINK)?

Yeah, I know, Tori’s humans are hurting right now, but they’re flippin going to be hurting A LOT MORE of I keep having to share my human. She’s MY slave – I mean, “Human!”

*sharpens claws*

But, the good news is, the neighbor is getting released from the rehab center this Wednesday and I get my human all to my cute little self again!!😺 

You can tell how thrilled Tori is….

I talked to Tori through the screen door yesterday and made it clear that the human is MINE – and she needs to get her own can opener!

Let’s hope her human is a good girl and comes home to Tori so my flippin human can spoil me again like I deserve! 😾

Until then – it’s time fur me to go mess up those freshly washed clean sheets the human is trying to put on the bed! 😹 MWAHAHAHA!

Flippin grooming…

Published May 23, 2016 by hairballexpress

Greetings, humans. 😺 ☕️ 

I was hanging out on the bed, taking a nice leisurely bath while the human sat near me, listening to the pouring rain, and reading. It was heavenly.

But all of a sudden the human got the bright idea to trim my nails, clean my ears, clean my teeth, brush my tail and belly and put paw gel on me! 

I looked over and saw all her weapons of Kat destruction, and decided to get the heck out of there!

Wouldn’t you know, the flippin window was closed!😾 *shakes head / flaps tail *


Creature Feature: Double Trouble 

Published April 22, 2016 by hairballexpress

Greetings humans!😺 ☕️   

Well, I think there’s something wrong with my eyes – lately when I follow my human over to the Creature’s house, I start seeing double!  Yep – that’s right. 

I hide under the bushes and watch (being careful that the Creature doesn’t see me and come after me)- and right when I think I’ve got everything all figured out, up pops ANOTHER Creature! 🙀


Yesterday, I watched as the human called the Creature inside and they started coloring together – and suddenly the Creature next door came bursting inside to show off her claw polish! (Those claws are scary enough without that shiny pink stuff on them)!

The next thing I knew they were at the table together plotting and drawing out their blueprint of the Kat attack they had scheduled – and then, I couldn’t believe my eyes – 


They captured poor little Serafina!🙀

She narrowly escaped – thanks to the human looking up from the computer just in time to see them purrparing to dress her in doll clothes!

Luckily, the Creature next door got called inside by her mom (Serafina purrayed)- and the human was able to distract the Creature long enough fur poor Serafina to run away and hide. 

She was so relieved that she managed to escape, so we’re getting together today with a few blueprints of our own – the next time those two creatures get together, we’ll have a surprise of our own fur them! 


Creature Feature: Miraculous Recovery!

Published December 5, 2015 by hairballexpress

Thank you to all of you who purrayed fur the Creature-  

(Notice I’m up high in top of my Kat tree where it – uh, I mean, SHE -can’t reach me)….😾

She had been sick since last FURiday night, had constant pain in her tummy, fever and a headache, wasn’t able to eat, was uninterested in even trying to play, and couldn’t seem to stay awake.

She had been like this fur days:  

This is her tonight:

Her Mom said that about 30  minutes after the purrayer request posted last night, the Creature suddenly asked fur ice cream (she had been refusing everything)- and then got up and started playing and being silly again – and this morning she was completely back to normal and went back to school!

So the humans and the Creature want to thank all of you who purrayed….As fur me, I can’t TELL YOU how much I appurreciate it-


…No, I mean I REALLY CAN’T TELL YOU – (the human would take away my treats). 😾

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