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Published June 25, 2016 by hairballexpress

Story at 11- (tomorrow)- if I’m awake. 😾

I’m going to flippin SLEEP. Later dudes.
(Googling “getting even with bratty humans”).


Creature Feature: (or) “Creature Comforts”

Published June 25, 2016 by hairballexpress

Greetings humans – 😺☕️

Fur the last several days, the human has been waking up earlier and flying out the door like a flippin ROCKET without purroperly snuggling me first- (fur at LEAST AN hour)!

Well, today I decided to investigate and see where the flea she’s been going! 

I caught her in action! Now I know why she hasn’t been snuggling me as much…

Look at the EVIDENCE I gathered!  😾


And this isn’t all – but I’m so flippin tired from my investigative efforts, I’ll have to purrsent the rest of it to you tomorrow!

Now let me ask you one thing – 

Do I look amused?? 😾

       *sulks and slithers under the bed *

The Vet Threat 😾

Published January 13, 2016 by hairballexpress

Well, the human has done it now! 

I woke up to a Purrfectly lovely (rainy) day looking furward to a nice, quiet morning with both my humans spoiling me while they had their morning coffee and telling me how Purrfect I am…

But then the human got up (before I dismissed her), and started getting dressed earlier than usual. I knew something was up right then. 

A few minutes later I followed her into the kitchen and discovered the Kat carrier was open on the couch! 🙀

Uh oh – and off we went to THE VET!


I cried and wailed as pathetically as I could  – but the dang human plopped me on the table anyway!😾

Now, the vet was very sweet – (I secretly love her – but that’s beside the point)- but she poked and prodded and rubbed and did unspeakable (very RUDE) THINGS WITH THE THERMOMETER – – and all the while my flippin human just stood there and watched! *sharpens claws*

But after awhile, she did start talking about what a cute little sweetheart I am (so I’ll only slash ONE of her tires),and she told the human I’m very healthy -(and 9.4 lbs of cattitude). 

She said she didn’t find anything wrong with me (But I found plenty wrong with her)- except fur conjunctivitis in my eyes. 

Well if that moron human would quit wiping my eyes I wouldn’t have it! *tail FLAP!*

So finally, she said my teeth look great, and I’m a healthy little girl and let me go giving the human medicine fur my eyes and “lysine” fur my food – (why the flea does my food need medicine)?

Anyway, I’m FINALLY back home now – exhausted – and not talking to that moron human!😾


Published December 20, 2015 by hairballexpress

Greetings humans! 😾

Well, it was along day fur me. The humans went Christmas shopping together and I was home by my poor, lonely self all flippin day.

Of course, when they got back, the human made it up to me by bringing me new batteries fur my favorite toy, a ton of fresh Fancy Feast, a huge new bag of dry kibble -(so delicious) – and playing with me.

But of course, I’m a Kat, so I can’t just let her off the hook that easily. 

She even ordered me a new SERESTO flea collar -(I flippin LOVE those things)- and I am excited about that – but I’m not letting on. After all, I wouldn’t be doing my fellow felines any favors if I let the humans think they can buy their way out of trouble that easily! 😼

Of course, I did get totally spoiled when she got home – so maybe I should cut her some slack…What do you think?

Nah, I didn’t think so!! 😹 MWAHAHAHA!


Creature Feature: DOUBLE TROUBLE! 🙀

Published November 22, 2015 by hairballexpress

Well – my Caturday was spent in blissful peace and quiet because there were no creatures of any kind around most of the day! 

But it didn’t last…

It was the Creature’s seventh birthday and all the family got together fur pizza while the Creature unleashed her wild side on the playground at the pizza place.

Her daddy’s side of the family all came from out of town and my humans were there too- (my human was taking the pictures), and her Mom and Dad were there too – but her Mom wasn’t feeling well, and had to go home about halfway through the Creature’s scheduled destruction of the pizza playground.

Well, my serenity was shattered when they came home and I discovered that not only did they NOT bring home pizza fur cute little ME, but they also discovered why “Mommy” wasn’t feeling well….  


Great! Just when I got the first one trained!😾

*darts under bed to pout / sharpens claws *

Monday Serafina and Creature Feature 

Published October 19, 2015 by hairballexpress


Well, they did it again. The Creature’s Mom took the human out fur coffee so they could “talk.”

I don’t know what it is about humans and that black gold they drink every chance they get. But they went to a special place with the Creature and drank coffee while the Creature ate her pawsome fish and chips (without saving some fur cute little me)!😾

So the human snapped this picture of the Creature as she began snuggling her Mommy and calling her “her little horsie!”


Awwww,…..I feel a hairball coming on…..*HACK / HACK!*

Oh my kats!
 MOL!😹  They spent furever “talking,” and enjoying delicious food (while I stayed home in the windowsill with only dry cereal to eat…all by my furry little self)… And later, I saw these pictures on the human’s iPhone, which means….

  That somebody got Serafina a new toy (but not ME)!


(That’s okay, human – I’ll order my own toys while you take a shower…)😼

Meanwhile, at the Creature’s house,…



Thursday Therapy 

Published May 28, 2015 by hairballexpress


Greetings Furiends! 

I’ve been sitting here in the windowsill all day glaring at the delectable little birds that gather every morning to tease me. 

Those tasty little tidbits know the human won’t let me get them (Brats!), so they just fly back and forth in front of the window and just dare me to do anything about it.

And yesterday, this darling little hummingbird came within INCHES of my nose, hovering over the flowers just under the window! I’m telling you, I have to find a way to pop the screen off this flippin window! 😾

Anyway, I Think it’s time fur some therapy before I shred that screen!



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