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Kat Diary 

Published August 21, 2016 by hairballexpress

Greetings humans!😺 ☕️ 

 Well, time for another diary entry. 

I was having fun playing with the human this morning, when all of a sudden the attention got taken from cute little ME onto that flippin Creature!!😾 *tail FLAP!*

She got a text from the Creature’s Mom and suddenly started cooing about how cute SHE was! *sharpens claws*

Check out the picture she got that she started  cooing about….

And when she finally quit, and got back to playing with me again, she got another one that set her off all over again!



Turn there was the video which just about scared me right out of my fur!

So, after that there were pictures of the Creature getting her leotard fur her classes, and the pictures kept coming! 

Great. Just what the Creature needs – lessons to become more dangerous!

*pout* 😾


Kat diary: Creature Feature

Published April 29, 2016 by hairballexpress

Greetings humans!😺 ☕️ 

Spying on the humans around here has become a full time job fur me and Serafina – especially where the Creature and her minions are concerned!

Take fur example yesterday…. I stalked on over to the Creature’s house when the human left me to go there, and took my usual position under the car across the street to monitor things and make sure the human doesn’t get too fond of Serafina while she’s there.

Then when the Creature came home from school, I discovered she’d been somewhere other than school – and it looked like she’d had FUN!

See fur yourself!

She had gone with some other creatures  to a place called  a ‘mill’- and “the teacher” must have not liked everyone’s hair, because she made them all cover it up! 


And appurrently they didn’t like what was on the menu, because everybody found a big rock and smashed it all into itty bitty pieces. Must’ve been purrty awful stuff.

But the “teacher” must have not liked that either, because she made them all pick it up and put the powdery stuff in a bag and take it home to their parents!🙀

 And the really weird thing is, when the Creature brought home the stuff she smashed into itty bitty pieces, her parents were purroud of her- and, even though the stuff must’ve been awful, they’re going to USE IT! 

🙀 And they call us animals!

Fifty Shades of Creature!

Published April 17, 2016 by hairballexpress

Greetings humans!😺  ☕️ 

Today I found these pictures of the Creature on the humans’ phone – which explains why it was so quiet around here today – the humans had the Creature out with family gardening together! 🙀

And the night before, they let her go to the movies in her Jammies!  
And a friend’s birthday party…  
And that meant Serafina and I could RELAX!!😺

Have a Pawsome day, dudes!💟

Creature Feature 

Published March 30, 2016 by hairballexpress

Greetings humans – today It’s A CREATURE FEATURE! 

First the littlest Creature spending Easter with his parents –

And then,…

The big Creature had her first Daisy Scout meeting!


They had so much fun – and the Creature is all excited about her girl scout activities!

They  had a great Easter – and now – it’s MY TURN TO GET SPOILED!😺
Have a Pawsome day, dudes!

Shades of Serafina 

Published March 20, 2016 by hairballexpress

Greetings humans, fleabags and fuzzballs!😺 ☕️ 

Since it’s spring, and there’s new litters of kittens springing up everywhere, I’m taking this oppurrtunity to brag a little about how well Serafina has learned “Shrimp’s rules fur the discerning Kat!”

Rule #1 (Book 333): Do everything possible to purrvent your humans from leaving the house- (also known as)-” demand playtime at the most inconvenient time possible.”


Rule #2 (Book 337- we have a system, so don’t complain)… Show the humans the RIGHT  way to do the dishes.


Rule #3 (Book 2- Hey, don’t knock the system!)- If there are little creatures in the house, always act irresistibly cute a few minutes before their bedtime.  This insures that you’ll have a playmate to keep you company while the dinosaurs sleep.

Rule  #4 (Book 12)- Everything the Kat likes belongs to the Kat upon sight.

Stay tuned fur more of Shrimp’s Rules fur the discerning Kat!😺

The Creature, the White House and the Scare 

Published March 19, 2016 by hairballexpress

Good morning humans! 😺 ☕️ 

There’s been a lot going on with the lower life forms around here-(humans) –  
The Creature’s Mom and Dad just celebrated their 3rd anniversary – at THE WHITE HOUSE!🙀

They got treated like flippin royalty -(what’s up with THAT!? Only kats are royalty)!😾  
They even had complimentary champagne and chocolates waiting fur them! 

While poor Serafina was eating dry cereal!!!!!!😾 $75.00 a bag, but still,…

Meanwhile, the Creature was having a blast with her other grandparents, getting treated like royalty- (noticing a pattern here yet)? And Serafina and I had a conference, and decided to put our paws down!
But then they came back home, and Serafina went out the next morning (tired of not getting her 4 am play session with the Creature’s Dad while they were gone), and she stayed gone the whole day! Even I was worried -(we hadn’t planned that part)!

When she finally came home late that night -(after the humans had walked around calling and searching fur her all day), she was soaking wet and muddy – even her whole belly!

Everyone was thrilled she came home – safe and unharmed – but it had been pouring  rain all day, and no one could figure out where she’d been. She immediately got fed and then got a bath – and she was so happy to be home – she even snuggled up with the Creature! 


Everyone had been so afraid fur her – but now she’s safe and clinging to everyone like crazy. 

That’s not all that’s going on with these humans, but it’s past time for my midnight nap- so I’ll finish later.  Just thinking about it has me exhausted!

Later, dudes! 💤

It’s all about ME

Published March 9, 2016 by hairballexpress

Greetings humans! 😺☕️

There’s been a lot of weirdness going on around here…..  
Here I am surveying my kingdom this morning – watching fur those annoying strays that come around trying to win the hearts of my humans – I DON’T THINK SO! *tail FLAP!* 😾

And in other news…

The Creatures around here somehow got the notion that they have to get even BIGGER (and louder). Fur example…

There’s this snapchat that the Creature and it’s partner in crime sent the human:


It woke me up from a nice peaceful nap to the harrowing sound of THE CREATURE!! 


And then…. Right when I’d decided it was safe to resume my nap… 

The silence was broken again – by yet another Creature’s voice booming from the humans phone! 😾

This time it was the littlest Creature – trying to say his blessing! (It’s talking now)! 

 Great. Now I have to book a flight to the Arctic – but I’m gonna sleep on it first. 💤

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