Shrimp’s Selfie Sunday 

Greetings felines! 

I spent my day napping and PURRacticing my selfies – here’s some of my favorites – enjoy!😺


Me on the clean comforter the human just  folded straight from the Dryer! *snore*


Cute little me earlier on the human’s favorite fleece (breaking it in fur her)!


Close up of adorable little me! *Trills *

Caturday Crazies 

Kats who are “human” 

Most people think kats are just balls of fluff who don’t really think about anything but sleeping and eating.

And they’re right – 

But we also think of  files….

And birdwatching…  

  And boxes…

  And redecorating…

 And raising kittens…

And budgeting…

And feeding those less furtunate…

 And fighting evil supervillans…

 And energy conservation. 


See? We kats are very helpful! 😹

Happy Caturday!

🐹 Photos courtesy of Pinterest and Cheezeburger 🐹

FURiday Kat Funnies 

Greetings Furiends –  

Thank you fur visiting and fur your support fur the humans. They are feeling better and appreciate all your purrayers!

As fur me, it’s time fur the KAT to get spoiled again!😾



Have a pawsome, restful weekend – 💚

🐹 Photos courtesy of Pinterest & Cheezeburger 🐹

Thursday (Needing) Therapy 

Greetings Furiends –

It’s almost FURIDAY! But still,….


Sometimes you wake up thinking it’s going to be an ordinary day and then you get news of a furiend who’s hurting – or worse. And sometimes it can’t get worse. 

Today the Creature’s Mom got a call telling her a friend of hers had a “freak accident yesterday,” and was in the hospital brain dead. A couple of hours later he died, leaving behind a wife and a little Creature.

She left work early because she was hit pretty hard by the news, being her furiend was very young, extremely healthy  – and a very good man who adored his wife and Creature.

A couple of hours later after the Creature and her Mom went home, the human got a text from one of her furiends telling her that the son of a mutual furiend was hit by a car and is in critical condition in the hospital.

And, human #2 discovered yesterday that a furiend of his that he worked with a few months ago died from complications of a brain tumor.

So bear with the KAT fur a little bit, because today it’s a little harder to be my cute, furry little self when humans all around me are hurting.

But just remember, we kats are expurrts at love and comfort. 


🐭  Photo courtesy of Pinterest  🐭

Wednesday’s List 

Greetings Furiends! 

It’s time fur another episode of Wednesday’s List; Things kats hate!

1.) Chickens dressed impurroperly fur dinner.


2.) Humans sharing our food with those “cute” raccoons!


3.) Humans putting wigs on us!


4.) When our humans bring baby creatures home without our prior knowledge and approval!


5.) Humans waking us from our naps (Except for offers of food).


6.) Sarcasm 

7.) Bad timing…and vacuums!

8.) Mornings happening every morning.

9.) Humans who don’t appreciate our talents.

10.) VET mistakes 

🐹 Photos courtesy of Pinterest and Cheezeburger 🐹

Echos of A CREATURE!

Greetings Furiends!

I went through the humans’ phone to find pictures of my cute little self to admire, and OH MY FLEAS! All I found were pictures of the Creature and the littlest Creature!

I think I feel a hairball coming on…        

Okay, I’m gonna go hide under the bed and flap my tail… *pout*😾



Greetings Humans, Fleabags and Fuzzballs! This is Shrimp with KAT 9 NEWS coming to you with today’s special report.

“Pugsy Malone” arrested

This morning authorities caught up with a well known Gangster dog that they’ve been hunting fur months.

“Pugsy Malone” was hunted relentlessly by the FBI (Feline Bureau of Investigation), fur money laundering until a tip was called in today by “Someone who used to work with him.”


Digby Dogg spilled the biscuits on his old buddy, confessing that he used to bury the money in the backyard of the kats that lived next door. 


That is, until the kats caught him –


Since there are three eyewitnesses, (and kats never lie) – the FBI says it’s likely that old “Pugsy Malone” will spend a few years in the pound.


FBI AGENT Lloud Mowzer:

“Yep- old Pugsy is going away to a maximum security pound fur at least 7 years – we’ve got him fur money laundering, shredding couches, eating slippers, chasing kats, and biting Creatures. We’ve been after this dude fur along time.”

This has been Shrimp reporting fur KAT 9 NEWS. Good Day!

🐟 Photos courtesy of Pinterest and Cheeseburger 🐟