Tubster Tuesday: Cattitude, Dude 

Greetings Furiends! 😺 

It’s time to remember my deer furiend, Tubster – but today we’re also going to remember something about his purrsonality – his Cattitude! 😸


I’ll never furget the time Tubster came into the living room with a bird in his mouth and surprised his human with a big fat blue jay – neither will she!! 😹  


Just like Tubster, this dude never furgets…


And Tubster knew how to attract the lady kats- (myself included)! 😻

Just like this little dude, Tubster didn’t like mice- he was a bird dude.

Tubster also expected to be treated like royalty (and he was)! 

Tubster didn’t have a weight purroblem- everybody else had faulty scales.

Tubster didn’t appurreciate his human’s efforts to teach him to swim – but don’t worry… They usually figured that out before they hit the water. 😹

Tubster also went boldly where other kats feared to go – right to the humans’ dinner plates!

 Tubster didn’t watch what others ate- he helped them eat it! 😹

🐹 Memes courtesy of  Funcatpictures.com & Cheezeburger 🐹


Greetings Humans, Fleabags and Fuzzballs.

Today I have an urgent weather forecast fur you all – 

KAT 9 NEWS radar has located both a hurricaine and a tornado headed this way – there’s a 70 purrcent chance of the hurricaine hitting over the next few hours while at the same time, hot on the heels of Hurricane Kade,” a pink tornado has also been spotted wreaking wherever havoc it goes.

So get ready to lock up the windows and doors and refrigerator, because there’s a 99% chance of chaos, breakage, and irritation headed your way (sorry dudes)!

Here’s how the hurricaine looks on the radar….

It looks like it’s just getting started here…


I’m gonna be busy boarding up my windows, packing my nip, hiding my litterbox, and buying tickets to Japan – but while I do that, check out the pink tornado hot the heels of “Hurricane Kade!”🙀


Oh my FLEAS! It’s worse than I thought! SEE YA!

…(This has been Shrimp reporting fur KAT 9 NEWS!)! 

        *ZOOMS UNDER the bed *

Shrimp’s Selfie Sunday 

Good Morning! 😺☕️ 


This morning you get treated to pictures of cute Little me!  Aren’t you thrilled? 😺

This was me waking up this afternoon after putting my two pet humans down to “read.”  

Of course, that was my way of making them lay down so I could snuggle with them and get cuddles and a belly rub from both of them at the same time!

Besides the snuggles and belly rubs, I knead my paws on their pillow and purr until they both fall asleep…then I get to lay on their head! 😸

I’m a great sleep therapist!

Later, while the they watched a movie, I purrsuaded the human to brush me – (fur the third time today)! Heavenly! *purrs*

Speaking of sleep, I’m late fur my 8th nap and I need my rest fur my 4 am rocket blast! See ya!

Serafina’s Crazy Caturday 

It’s Caturday!! 

And speaking of “Crazy,” check out Serafina!  

Isn’t she adorable? Almost as cute as me! 😺 

And check this out…


She loves to play in the bathtub! She chases the water when it goes down the drain!!

And, she loves to sit on the side of the bathtub when they take their baths and play in the water and paw at the bubbles!! How’s that fur crazy? 😹

Creature Feature: Creature takes a licking….

Well, I knew it would happen  sooner or later…

I just knew that Serafina would decide someday that she’d had enough of the Creature’s chasing her and take matters into her own paws! 

From what the humans are saying, today was the day! They even got it on video!

I can’t WAIT! 😺 I’m gonna grab some nip and get my fourth bunny slipper on and sit back fur some fun! Watch it with me! 

Well, that Was disappointing! 😾

Maybe the next one will be better…

What the flea!? This isn’t at all what I expected! Flippin humans….

Oh – that’s right – there’s one more! That’s gotta be the one,….

Oh my FLEAS! That’s it! I’m having a talk with Miss Serafina!

                     *tail FLAP!*

Thursday Therapy 

Greetings!!!!! It’s Thursday!! Just in case you furgot, that’s the day before FURIDAY!!!! 

YAHOOOOOOOO! 😺 ☕ Can you tell that I’m excited?

Grab your coffee (or tea, or nip, or whatever), and get ready to smile!


🐳 Have a pawsome day sweeties! 🐳
🐹 Memes courtesy of Cheezeburger and Pinterest 🐹