Tuesday Tickles 

Greetings humans – time fur Tuesday Tickles! 😺 

I know it’s getting close to Thanksgiving and everyone’s starting to feel the stress of the holidays. Just a little reminder that when you humans are stressed, your kats feel it too!

Take time to remember your kitties can help relieve a little of that stress – why, just petting a kat has been purroven to reduce  your blood pressure and have a calming effect! So does taking a second or two to just watch your cute kitties – or look at their pictures! 

So, check out these pals of mine who want to brighten your day! 😺

 🐹 Memes courtesy of Cheezeburger 🐹




Serafina’s Creature lessons fur the new baby 

Greetings humans. ☕️  Well, yesterday the humans found out that the Creature is going to get a baby Creature in her life soon. 

While the humans are overjoyed, we kats are busy (plotting) and laying down some ground rules. *tail FLAP!* 😾

Here’s Serafina instructing the Creature on the purroper way to hold her. Serafina says if the Creature manages to hold the baby Creature the same way, Serafina will be happy (because if she’s holding the baby, Serafina gets a break). MOL!😸   Here Serafina’s teaching the Creature to keep the baby away from the bathroom heater. That’s Serafina’s favorite spot and she doesn’t share! 

And the baby can’t sleep in the sink either, because Serafina doesn’t like laying on squeaky baby toys – and Serafina was there first! 

And equally important, all boxes in the house (Especially pizza boxes) are the purroperty of Serafina –not the baby!   And here Serafina is instructing the Creature that the baby does not get the white tiger! Serafina’s claimed it already and she won’t share! 

Now I’m starting my list of rules – but first I need a nap! *snore *💤


Creature Feature: DOUBLE TROUBLE! 🙀

Well – my Caturday was spent in blissful peace and quiet because there were no creatures of any kind around most of the day! 

But it didn’t last…

It was the Creature’s seventh birthday and all the family got together fur pizza while the Creature unleashed her wild side on the playground at the pizza place.

Her daddy’s side of the family all came from out of town and my humans were there too- (my human was taking the pictures), and her Mom and Dad were there too – but her Mom wasn’t feeling well, and had to go home about halfway through the Creature’s scheduled destruction of the pizza playground.

Well, my serenity was shattered when they came home and I discovered that not only did they NOT bring home pizza fur cute little ME, but they also discovered why “Mommy” wasn’t feeling well….  


Great! Just when I got the first one trained!😾

*darts under bed to pout / sharpens claws *

Caturday Crazies 

Good morning furiends!😺 It’s finally Caturday!! 

The humans are going to be busy all day long with the Creature’s birthday celebration – so I get the whole house to my cute little self to see how much trouble I can get into!!  😹 I can’t wait!

Let’s see what my pals are up to today…


Hmm….pouncing on the neighbor’s dog sounds FUN! Dang – now I’ve gotta get the neighbor to get a dog so I can purractice!


     🐭 Memes courtesy of Cheezeburger 🐭

Kat FURiday Funnies 

Greetings humans! It’s FURIDAY! 😺 

I’m just getting ready to sleep all day after a long night of shredding the couch, spilling things on the mail, spreading my lovely fur all over everything, and all while making sure to chomp on the human’s nose at 4:30 am -just to make sure she’s still breathing! (She was).

Am I super Kat or what!? 😹

Enjoy your visit with my relatives while I go find a nice box to snuggle up in!     Bizarro Comics    



     🐹 Memes courtesy of Cheezeburger 🐹

Creature Feature: It came BACK!

Well, it’s that time of year again, when the Creature has a big birthday celebration…  

Serafina thought the house would finally be quiet because the Creature was staying with other family from out of town fur a few days (fur her birthday)…

But she came back!!🙀 
Furtunately, when she came back after the weekend, she was wiped out from all that partying at Skateworld with other creatures her age, and all those sleepovers and fun with the out of town family members – 

I love the Creature when she’s ASLEEP!! MOL!😸 

But then she wakes up,… 

And when she wakes up,…so do the arms of steel!!! 

And so does her cattitude… 


And that death grip…



She crashes all over again!! 😹

Here’s a picture she drew of the human:

She brought it to the human and said. “…I drew a picture of you – and I’m sorry, but I made your hair gray, because, well, it IS,… I mean, I’m sorry, but you ARE old,…”
MWAHAHAHA!!!😹 And then she brought a picture she drew of Serafina…

Oh my kats! 😸 No wonder they adore that Creature around here!

Thursday Therapy 

Greetings humans!😺 ☕️ 

It’s Thursday – which means there’s one more day til the weekend!! 

Know what that means? 

That means I get to fly all over the house at the speed of light “accidentally” knocking things down, (testing breakability), skidding across countertops -(maybe I can finally knock down the spice rack)! And leaving a nice juicy surprise in the human’s slippers!! 

MWAHAHAHA!😹 I can hardly wait!!

Meanwhile, here’s some therapy fur you poor, stressed out humans!😺 


Happy Thursday dudes!

   🐾 Memes courtesy of Cheezeburger 🐾