Serafina Sunday 


Today is all about my furiend Serafina!


The human was at the Creature’s house yesterday playing bodyguard to Serafina while the Creature played with her. 

It didn’t take long fur Serafina to figure out that she was safer under the table than out in the open! 😹

Serafina loved the bright sunlight streaming into the kitchen…  

But then… a knock at the door and A package was delivered which Serafina claimed for herself! (That’s my girl)! 😺


UnFURtunately, Serafina coming out from under the table was the Creature’s cue that it was open season on the kat!🙀

Serafina always curls her tail up over her back like a piggy when she’s happy…


The human is always snoopervising when the Creature’s with her…

And then….


It’s back under the table! 😹

FURiday Kat Funnies 

It’s finally FURiday!! 

Break out the tuna, bring out the boxes, and sharpen your claws – it’s playtime fur the KAT! 😺 







Enjoy your weekend, furiends – find a nice sunpuddle, catch a few birds, harass a few mice -(they have it coming)- and get your claws sharpened fur the next Creature attack! And whatever you do, don’t furget the nip!

Above all, have fun! 😺 Yahoooooooo!

🐭 Photos courtesy of Pinterest and Cheezeburger 🐭

Thursday Therapy 

Happy Thursday! 😺 

Thank heavens the weekend is almost here – I’m going to be teaching Serafina some Creature resistance strategies – But I think we all need a little therapy first! 

Enjoy! ☕️







🌿Comic and memes courtesy of Pinterest and Cheezeburger 🌿