Caturday Crazies 

Goooooooooooooooood Morning Felines, Fuzzballs, Fleabags -and oh yes, HUMANS!☕️ 😺 

It’s finally CATURDAY!! Let’s see what some of my furiends are up to (while I go snag some bacon from the human’s plate)! Mol!😺



💚 Have a pawsome Caturday dudes! 💚

🐭 Memes courtesy of Cheezeburger and Pinterest 🐭



Creature Feature: Time to finish digging that tunnel…

Greetings Furiends – 

It’s cute little me again! 

Me recovering after a long play session with the human yesterday morning –

It looks like it’s time for me to finish digging that tunnel to Japan…

I heard the humans saying that the littlest Creature (and it’s cohorts in crime) are going to be “paying a visit” around Thanksgiving – (interpretation = declaring war against the KAT)! 😾


Here’s the littlest Creature…he’s only been walking fur a few months and ALREADY he’s gathering his weapons of kat destruction! 

Look at those itty bitty tennis shoes – ready to RUN AFTER MY TAIL! 


And look at that warrior expression – and he’s not even mad! 🙀

And here he’s working on his “cute little baby” look -but he can’t fool me! 

And here he’s watching himself on TV-  and then “helping put things away after dinner”- (interpretation = looking fur something to throw at the kat)!

And then …there’s the CREATURE!


She looks innocent enough (hugging her pink teddy bear from human #2)- but there she is also with her “swimming goggles” on at her swimming lessons – (interpretation = night vision goggles so she can attack Serafina – and ME)! 🙀

And did you see that death grip she has on Serafina’s head!??

And in the next picture she LOOKS like she’s just harmlessly eating her ice cream sundae…. But we kats know that in the hands of a creature, a spoon is a deadly weapon! *tail FLAP!*

And the human caught her on video with Serafina…

Looks harmless right? 

Ha! We kats know better!

*digging tunnel to Japan…*


Greetings Furiends!  😺 

It’s finally FURiday!!!!!!! 

Oh my kats I’m so EXCITED!! I just can’t wait fur playtime with the human – although unFURtunately, I’ll have to put up with the usual _______  first -(eye wiping, nail trimming, grooming, ear cleaning), etc.! 😾

But oh well, at least the treats and brushing and playing will make up fur it!


Remember – it’s ALWAYS  “the dog did it!” And if you don’t have a dog, then the neighbor’s dog did it! 


🐳 Memes courtesy of Cheezeburger and Pinterest 🐳

Thursday Therapy 

Greetings, humans! ☕️🐭

Boy, nothing like a nice fresh mouse with your morning coffee… 😺


So – how are you today? Stuck in a traffic jam? Rushing around late fur work?- (then get off the computer)!

Well, just rest assured that while you’re at work slaving away, your kats are just fine!

In fact, they’re either sound asleep, or swinging on the drapes, or ordering a kat condo with your credit card… you know, the usual- nothing to worry about! 😹

So now that I’ve put your mind at ease, how about some therapy? 


Have a pawsome Thursday, Dudes!

🐭 Memes courtesy of Cheezeburger and Pinterest 🐭

Wednesday’s List: (More) Things kats hate 

 Greetings Furiends! 

I’m back – with one more of my famous lists of things kats hate. Take notes and spread the word!

Here we go!


1.) Only being allowed one dog a week 


2.) Slow humans

3.) Hot weather   


4.) Fruit 


5.) Gifts wrapped without a box -(That’s the most important part, dummy)! 


6.) Slippers that are too big 


7.) Turning off the tv


8.) No birds in our water bowl 


9.) Empty bottles 


10.) Ping Pong 

🐭 Memes courtesy of Cheezeburger and Pinterest 🐭

Tubster Tuesday 

Greetings! 😺 ☕  

It’s time fur Tubster Tuesday again! Just another occasion to celebrate the charm, beauty and antics of adorable ginger kats like Tubster! 🐈


Some pictures need no explanation!  

Once again – no explanation needed!

Have a lovely day filled with smiles and  pawsome surprises!

🐠Memes courtesy of Cheezeburger and Pinterest 🐠

Monday Kats 

😺 Good morning furiends! ☕️

I had a pawsome weekend – hope you did too – but unFURtunately, the weekend’s over. 

So, we may as well try to do something fun to brighten our Monday-  like climb the drapes, shred the toilet paper, knock down something expensive, or (my PURRsonal favorite)- drop a spider in the humans’ coffee mug!



Have fun! 😺

🐔 Memes courtesy of Cheezeburger & Pinterest 🐔