Greetings Furiends! I’m feeling a little derpy today…


You see, fur the last few days, the Creature has been here all day – (flippin spring break)!😾

It’s been flying around chasing fairies, yanking flowers out of the yard, doing the My Little Pony prance, and – delivering kittens. Yep.

Not just any kittens – Siberian white tiger “kittens”….only one kitten – appurently, “Mommy tiger” hadn’t really planned on having kittens at all.

Not surprising since Mommy Dearest is A STUFFED Siberian white tiger who until this morning was resting peacefully in the humans’ bedroom closet where it has been fur at least a year. (And fur good reason – that thing freaks me out)!


  Behold, the “kitten!”


The Creature made a “crib” fur it from a laundry basket with a sofa pillow and a fleece blankie- (one of MY fleece blankies)! *(pout)*


Then she comforted and brushed “Mama kitty” while the baby “nursed,” and she began to question the human asking, “how do babies get in your tummy anyway? And doesn’t it hurt when the Doctor rips your stomach apart and breaks it in half to get the baby out? And how do they fix you after the baby’s out?”

Seriously? 😹 

The human said, “Ask your Mom and Dad…” 

“But WHY? Don’t you know?” 

*(rolling on floor belly up, purring)* 😹 

“Come on, just TELL ME!” 

*(human suddenly gets an urgent need for a cup of hot tea)* 

Meanwhile, “Mommy kat” buys a ticket fur one to Siberia- and the human decides that’s a great idea…

Thursday Therapy 

Greetings Furiends!


It’s been a long week and there’s still another flippin day ahead of us – so let’s have some therapy to get us through the rest of the week! Enjoy!😺 








Hang in there dudes – only one day left till FURIDAY!😺 

     🐹 Photos courtesy of Pinterest 🐹

Wednesday’s List: Things Kats  Hate (Part Two)

Greetings Furiends, Fuzzballs and Fleabags!

It’s time fur part 2 of My list of Things Kats Hate. I know you’ve all been waiting with baited breath, so I’ll get to it.


1.) Rude dogs.


2.) ☕ Humans that don’t feed us until they get their daily gallon of coffee. 


3.) Kissie Humans.😾


4.) Our humans having CREATURES! 


5.) Humans that insist on dressing us like dolls.


6,) Raving about Grumpy Kat in our purresence! 😾


7.) Not letting us play with our food.


8.) Sassy scales.




10.) Godzilla in our gardens!😾

Shrimp’s Grumpy Monday 

Greetings Furiends, Fuzzballs and Fleabags!


Well, it’s Flippin Monday again and already it’s been a rotten morning!

Why? Glad you asked. 

First, I thought I was going to be a good kitty and spare the human that annoying alarm clock going off on her phone at 5:00 am, so I walked across her head and batted her on the nose to wake her up at 3:45 (just to be sure I wouldn’t be walking her up too late).

You would think she’d appreciate that, but oh, no!

She muttered some nonsense about having the day off and just turned over and went back to sleep! 

See, here’s the deal – she may have the day off from the Creature, but she didn’t check MY schedule fur her! 😾

Time to whip out the claws… 

So, I  walked over her head again to the other side and gave her nose a few good nibbles, and she sat up and looked at her phone and went back to sleep – of all the nerve! *(tail FLAP)!*

When she did finally get up – (at Flippin  8:30)- my Fancy Feast was 3 1/2 hours late, she furgot my dish of cream, AND it was past my favorite time to go outside and had started to rain!

Then the moron decided she had to wipe my eyes, clean my ears, clip my claws, and give me a Flippin BATH!

And then the batteries died in my favorite toy, and to add insult to injury she decided to bring out the electronic beast because I “shed too much!”😾


It’s gonna be a long day, human!😾


HAPPY SUNDAY, Furiends! 😸 I hope you’re all enjoying your first week of Spring!

Aren’t you loving the weekend? 

The human is feeling better now and spent the day relaxing and spoiling me- I LOVE it when she does that!

Of course, all that grooming and playing has me exhausted, so while she made dinner fur herself and human #2, I swiped her phone so I could purractice my selfies while she was busy – love the timer on this thing!

Of course, I had to purractice the belly shot a few times…(dang I’m cute)! 😸 

And there has to be a shot of me stretching,…


Waking up is hard work – you have to find that purrfect balance of cuteness! 


Oops – I hear the human looking for “her” phone!  Time to look asleep!

Bye fur now! 😹