Kat diary: Creature Feature

Published April 29, 2016 by hairballexpress

Greetings humans!😺 ☕️ 

Spying on the humans around here has become a full time job fur me and Serafina – especially where the Creature and her minions are concerned!

Take fur example yesterday…. I stalked on over to the Creature’s house when the human left me to go there, and took my usual position under the car across the street to monitor things and make sure the human doesn’t get too fond of Serafina while she’s there.

Then when the Creature came home from school, I discovered she’d been somewhere other than school – and it looked like she’d had FUN!

See fur yourself!

She had gone with some other creatures  to a place called  a ‘mill’- and “the teacher” must have not liked everyone’s hair, because she made them all cover it up! 


And appurrently they didn’t like what was on the menu, because everybody found a big rock and smashed it all into itty bitty pieces. Must’ve been purrty awful stuff.

But the “teacher” must have not liked that either, because she made them all pick it up and put the powdery stuff in a bag and take it home to their parents!🙀

 And the really weird thing is, when the Creature brought home the stuff she smashed into itty bitty pieces, her parents were purroud of her- and, even though the stuff must’ve been awful, they’re going to USE IT! 

🙀 And they call us animals!


10 comments on “Kat diary: Creature Feature

    • Well, she doesn’t have a little brother (yet)- the little blond dude I post about sometimes it’s her 2 year old cousin!! (They aren’t kidding about those “terrible 2’s)! 😹 That’s why I stay under the bed!!


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