The attack of the pink tornado

Published August 1, 2014 by hairballexpress

I’m now in intensive therapy thanks to today’s attack of the pink tornado.


It attacked earlier today with shouts of ponies and the usual maniacal laughter, and with an army of “real” hungry lions and bears, with stuffed kats that aren’t kats (but are “real dogs”)… And with fairy wings flapping in the breeze it flew all throughout the yard and the house on its mission to seek out and dress every four footed beast known to man and kat kind.


Fur heaven only knows what reason, it is especially fond of ME- and it pounced on every opportunity it could find to sneak up on me when the human was busy. I found hiding places in this house that I never knew existed!

I also learned a lot today about the limits of the human’s patience.
(UnFURtunately, the Creature somehow missed those clues). By the time it went back to its cave, I had more GRAY fur and so did the human-


I was a nervous wreck and the human called Dr.Phil. The picture above is me in intensive psychotherapy with my psychiatric nurse, Tiddles.

No offense, but I’m sure my therapy would be much more effective if Tiddles was one of those mail nurses.


21 comments on “The attack of the pink tornado

  • Whoa! What?! You’re in intensive THERAPY?!?! 😯 Oh My KATS!! That’s awful! You poor darling! That must have been like the worst tornado EVER!! What can we do to help?! Should we steal the fairy wings? Should we paint her cute pink dress grey? Or blue? Would that help???????????

    Purrs and tunas and mental strength to ya! xx Roxy & Tigerlino ❀


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