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Published November 27, 2015 by hairballexpress

Greetings humans – I’ll purrobably come out from under the bed sometime before the week is over – but not yet… Here’s a glimpse of what Thanksgiving was like fur me and Serafina….  

The littlest Creature with his mommy – she’s trying to get him to have face time with his daddy – he can’t figure out how she put daddy in that tiny box! Mol!😹 

Here’s the littlest Creature loving the  pretty leaves….  

And REALLY loving the leaves….


Then he discovered the crayons…..and the humans discovered something too,…
No wonder the humans love Those creatures…


Fifty (More) Shades of Stupid 

Published March 5, 2015 by hairballexpress

Here are some things that baffle me and make me scratch my head;

What moron came up with the idea that it would be FUN fur a kat to get captured by a creature?

Why don’t they let kats bathe the dog?  

If you’re going to force us to put up with the idiots, at least make it fun!😼


Sorry to say, advertising has gone to the dogs. *(shakes head)*

And humans? Well, see fur yourselves;


And let’s don’t even talk about their “stories!”

And from the looks of things, the KAT could do a better job with their money -(after fancy feast, toys, treats, nip, Netflix, WiFi, and locks fur the dog and the Creatures).

Speaking of Stupid…. Need I say more?

I need some nip – goodnight! 💤

😺Photos courtesy of Pinterest & THEMETAPICTURE.COM 😺


Published February 8, 2015 by hairballexpress

<Greetings, Furiends, Fluffballs, & Fleabags!

This is Shrimp here, with an urgent Special Report:


SOURCES have just conFURmed that KATS all over America are suddenly being taken with what seems to be a form of temporary insanity as can be seen in some of the photos you’re about to see.

Warning: the following photos are graphic in nature and may be disturbing to most (feline) viewers.

The epidemic aPURRently started when this poor kat (fur reasons unknown to anybody but God), suddenly began to make furiends
with the creature in this photo. His “owners” say they can’t imagine what he was thinking.


This is a very sad and frightening event, as kats and humans alike are baffled as to what could possibly have caused this, since everyone knows kats avoid creatures at all costs.

Scientists and vets all over America are debating whether this is some strange new virus- but no one knows fur sure, because the KATS seem to be in PURRFECT health otherwise!

And as if that wasn’t scary enough, some kats are also beginning to commit the UNPARDONABLE kat sin of befriending….(brace yourselves)- DOGS!!!

Look at these disturbing images we found…(truly troubling)…




Oh my FLEAS!



Well, furiends, I have to say I’m just flippin flabbergasted. Let’s just say I hope they’re working on a VACCINE!


Tragic. Just tragic.

This has been Shrimp reporting fur KAT 9 NEWS. Good day.

Happy Jan. 1!!

Published January 1, 2015 by hairballexpress

Greetings fellow felines!

We’re starting the first day of the first month of the new year- time fur some reminders of PURRoper Kat behavior!


Rule 1.)

When those creatures get out of hand, shove them in a box.


Rule 2.)

Don’t be fooled by their “cuteness!”


Rule 3.)

Never let the humans read a book- they steal all your attention!😾


Rule 4.)

RULE THE REMOTE! (It’s an attention stealer).


Rule 5.)

Never let them run you off the computer!


Rule 6.)

Make sure they remember WHY YOU LET THEM SERVE YOU!


Rule 7.)

Make sure the dog knows he’s just a pillow. This keeps him at your beck and call.


Rule 8.)

Always coordinate your yawning schedules with the other KATS in the house. This makes the humans yawn and get sleepy so you can have more fun.


Rule 9.)

Always attend your Nip Annonymous meetings – (you need an excuse to dive in)!


Rule 10.)

It’s stressful living with humans- take time to chill!

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