Thursday Chuckles

Published August 14, 2014 by hairballexpress

I did this drawing of my cute little self on the humans’ iPhone… Now the idiot wants the rights to it. Freak.

I think it’s funny that humans assume we kats have no sense of humor. But we definitely do- here’s a few things to PURRove it;





Some places are desperate fur workers…





49 comments on “Thursday Chuckles

    • Thank you! And yes they are! The human downloaded another sketch app fur me ( fur “her!”) yesterday- she’s going to get herself a stylus to draw with so she doesn’t have to use her fingertip- a stylus is better fur tight spots and outlining- but it doesn’t matter, because she’ll never be able to get the phone from me!!!



  • Bwahahaha… sooooo funny! πŸ˜† Especially the one with the box and the cat sitting on it… MOL πŸ˜†
    Purrs, Roxy & Tigerlino ❀

    PEEE SSSS: We love your drawing! It's PURRFECT! No wonder the human wants the rights to it!! πŸ˜‰


  • Shrimp, you made me laugh. Really laugh OUT LOUD. And BOY did I need it. Poor Rusty had surgery today to remove a nail in his injured toe. It was growing in sideways. The Vet was wonderful! She didn’t take any more of his toe off, just took the nail with a tiny sliver of bone. MB is SOOOOOOOOOO relieved!!!! I was crying, yup, hate to admit it, but I was. Now this is finally all over with! AND YOU BUDDY made ME laugh!!!! MOL! Thank you. (((HUGS)))) Scritches, Smooches, Whisker Tickles, more Smooches, MB

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    • Oh poor Mom Bonzo!! I feel pawful fur you and poor Rusty! But once the soreness goes away he’ll feel so much better!! Cheer up, sweet human. You did the right thing fur Rusty and he’ll thank you fur it when he feels better….(I’d look out fur flying tomatoes until then if I were you)…(just sayin)!

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      • He’s right now lookin’ purty durn happy and eating like a piggie. I think he is SO relieved to get that durn nail out! And no he isn’t throwing tomatoes, at least not yet. Do you know Rusty woke me up this morning 10 minutes before I had to get up? He never does that. He KNEW. KATS are so durn smart it makes me head spin!!! Out the door I go now to get more flurs for you to eat! Love you! xx MB


      • What’s up with the TEN minutes? Is your time faster then the human’s time? I am curious because that is what my KATS do too! Always TEN minutes before I am supposed to get up. And I don’t always have to get up at a certain time either, soooooooo……. it is only once in a while. Hmmmm….. Tell me true …. how smart are YOU?


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