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Sunday selfies

Published September 14, 2014 by hairballexpress

Since the human has been occupied so much with the Creature lately, I’ve had lots of opportunities to snag her phone… (better me than the Creature, right)?

So I’ve been spending a lot of time PURRfecting my selfies! Ready to see my Pawsome photos? Here we go!


This of course is my favorite- because without even seeming like I’m posing, I got the PURRfect shot of my adorable little self washing my paws- and check out those LOVELY PAW PADS! Aren’t I hot?


I sure hope my lovely Tsuki is looking,……. 💘


I should be on a can of Fancy a Feast, don’t ya think? Well?…..DONT YA?


Dude- all this “not posing” is hard work- gotta get my beauty rest!

Goodnight! 👑

Observing the strange native wildlife…

Published June 3, 2014 by hairballexpress


I snagged the human’s camera again today fur more of my wildlife studies.


The Creature did’nt see me, but I saw it… And I watched it all day but I still can’t understand it!

Here it appears to be attempting some sort of sport activity. It repeatedly ran circles around the yard, and threw a ball onto the roof of its cave only to watch it roll down and hit the human on her head as she sat outside sipping coffee and minding her own business!

Fur some reason, it found this hysterically funny and kept doing it over and over until my poor human got a headache and gave up on sipping coffee.


It ran back and forth, laughing, jumping &  throwing the ball…. Of course, it kept stopping periodically to eat, hug the human, and torment its white toy kat, Marshmallow / Princess Celestia / Fluttershy / or whatever she’s calling it today.

Meanwhile, after several hours of this strange behavior, I noticed a curious thing – the human’s hair gradually became whiter and whiter…

[ note to self]

Is this white hair the natural result of the species hanging out so much with the younger versions of themselves, or is it a mysterious magical power these creatures alone posess?

Selfie Practice

Published May 20, 2014 by hairballexpress

How does this thing work?


Hey- that's my cute little nosie!


Uh- why am I upside down?


Oh what a CUTE NOSE I have!


Dang, I'm gorgeous!!♥♥♥ ...


What Purrfect ears I have!

Happy Mommy Kats Day!

Published May 10, 2014 by hairballexpress

Greetings Fleabags and Fuzzballs!

In honor of all you highly intelligent Mommy kats, here are some of my relatives doing what they do best.

Keep the dream alive, FELINES!!


Mama kat scaling a wall with her kitten-
(must be a creature nearby)…..


Mama kat snuggling her kitten…..


Mama kat finding fresh fish fur her kittens….


Mama kat purring her kitten to sleep….


Mama kat showing her kittens how to take matters into their own paws…


Mama kat showing her kittens how to fish…


Mama kat keeping her kitten from bad dreams….


Mama teaching kitten to watch fur traffic before crossing the street…


Mama kat teaching her kittens yoga…


Mama kat giving kitten a piggy back nap…


Mama kat comforting her kitten….

        Happy Mothers Day Kitties!!

       Purrs and tunas to ya! And don’t furget to give the humans a hairball today- we don’t want to disappoint them!

               *photos from Pinterest*