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And then there’s the oddballs from Dad’s side of the Family:

Published May 28, 2014 by hairballexpress


Okay, don’t ask me how… But this is my great, great, great Granddaddy-

(He was adopted….why I’ll never know)….

The dude didn’t know the first thing about how to be a kat, he was flippin AFRAID of mice – (how embarrassing!) –
And his table manners were atrocious!

But, he was a pretty good singer…..


Then he met Miss Piggy, and they lived unhappily ever after. Seems she wasn’t impressed with his table manners, either.

I can’t tell you how many times I saw them rolling around in the mud fighting when I was a kitten, instead of scratching, hissing and

clawing like any respectable kat would do.  Then, they had babies…


“Porker”…. Cute little guy – but he never learned how to be a kat….and they furgot to install his whiskers, and TOTALLY screwed up his tail!


They must have eventually stopped fighting, because pretty soon they had another kitten…..“Pinky…”

They still got the tail all wrong, and the ears were just plain weird… But still, she was family…..


Wouldn’t ya know, the next litter was flippin TWINS!

Meet “Loin” & “Tenderloin” (???)

They loved playing in the litterbox, but never quite figured out what it was fur.


TRIPLETS!!!   “Bacon,” “Bits,” & “Sausage”

And not one of them knew how to be a kat! They didn’t even like catnip, and they ate flippin VEGETABLES!

Furtunately, they FINALLY caught on that they didn’t look or act like kats at all..

So, I gave them a life size portrait of the most beautiful kat I’ve ever seen, so they can know what to try fur…


   Maybe next time they’ll get it right….

     ✦  Photos from Pinterest ✦

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