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Happy Halloween

Published October 30, 2015 by hairballexpress

So…it’s Halloween -again. Oh joy.  The humans want to wish you all a safe, happy Halloween. But what do they know?

As fur Serafina and I, we have a different message – fur kats’ sake, keep those creatures in their scary costumes away from us kats! 🙀

Some of the costumes creatures wear are so scary and realistic it scares the fleas right off us poor, unsuspecting kats!

And all that loud noise when a bunch of ghosts, goblins, aliens and vampires knock on the doors looking fur candy –? 

Oh my fleas!!

And, if we’re left all alone (outside) while trick – or – treaters are roaming the streets (often without adult supervision)- who’s going to make sure they don’t hurt us kats?

We don’t worry too much about the little creatures, because their parents are usually with them. But what scares us kats is the older creatures that aren’t supervised. 

We kats don’t understand scary costumes and we hate loud noises – and we especially hate when big creatures do things just to scare us.

So we hope the little creatures have adults with them to keep them safe, and that they have fun. 

But please don’t leave your kats outside on Halloween – (fur their safety), and please don’t let your bigger creatures go out unattended- it’s not safe fur them, and may not be safe fur us kats, either.

Thanks, dudes! 


   🎃             Happy Halloween!                 🎃 

🐭 Memes courtesy of Cheezeburger 🐭


Published January 5, 2015 by hairballexpress

It’s Monday again- and you’re gonna need a boatload of coffee and some smiles to start your day, so here’s some smiles fur ya, but you gotta get the coffee yourself!

So, what is on your schedule today?


Going to the vet maybe?


Going to the office? Don’t be late!


Gonna do something naughty? Careful- you won’t get treats!


Or maybe you’re going to your therapist?


Going to do yoga?


Doing laundry maybe?


Or, maybe you’re going out fur coffee?


Purracticing your FURtography?


Or, maybe you’re one of those “peeping toms!”


Or, maybe you’re training a CREATURE!!

Well good luck dealing with those CREATURES- I’ve got THESE creatures to deal with!


Scary, huh? The littlest creature is getting bigger!


And look at his fancy blue thingie fur hitting the kat! 😾

And then there’s CREATURE #1!


Packing my litterbox and mice- heading to the Bahamas, dude!

Echoes of a Creature Chrismas

Published December 26, 2014 by hairballexpress

I’ll bet you guys out there think we kats never get migraines- well think again! Here are two very good reasons why we do!


Looks sweet and innocent huh?

But I can see the wheels turning in that cute little head- know why he’s smiling? I don’t either- but as a kat with experience, I can tell you it’s not good!


See- told ya! There he goes trying to get his hot little paws on Santa’s cookies!


AHA!!! And now to destroy the Christmas tree!!

You know, I’m starting to like the way this creature thinks- MWAHAHAHA!


OH MY KATS!! The creature!!

Looks like she’s all nice and calm, reading her new book, huh- well, guess what? It lasts about 15 seconds…


And, so much fur calm…


Oh yay. The Creature has a DOG! A loud, BARKING, WHINING DOG….

No doubt designed by some kat hating psycho fur the express PURRpose of making the kat miserable…*(tail flap)*!


Don’t let that cute furry face fool you- that dog is trouble!


And the squeal heard around the world when the Creature opened THIS…

Thank heavens all that squealing and barking and fun finally got the best of the Creature….I’ve been spending more time under the bed than than the flippin DUSTBUNNIES!


My favorite part of Christmas is when the creatures finally fall asleep and I can give the human “the eyes” and make her feel guilty so she’ll drop everything and play with me- (works every time)! MWAHAHA!


🐭Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas – goodnight!🐭


Caturday crazies

Published November 15, 2014 by hairballexpress

It’s CATURDAY!! The worldwide day fur KATS to let the fur fly and have fun!

And even humans can- (but we kats are masters)…










And today even the CREATURES ARE IN ON IT!






There goes my Caturday…

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