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Shrimp, Serafina and Tori Selfies!

Published July 12, 2016 by hairballexpress

Greetings humans!😺 ☕️ 

I realized I never posted yesterday -(Sorry- my napping / hiding / napping / hiding schedule has been extra hectic this week), and the human has had her paws so full with taking care of Tori fur her neighbor and caring fur the Creature, that I hardly get to even see “Her ” iPhone, because she guards it with her flippin life! 

*Flippin human!*😾 

So, since the human’s finally in the shower, I snagged her phone so I could update you all -(aren’t I Pawsome)? 

First let’s talk about the picture above …

As you may have noticed, the absolutely ADORABLE Kat at the top, is cute little me (You’re welcome).

The red thingie under my chest is the neighbor’s house key. That’s right, I took it. 

I happen to like that neighbor because unlike the creepy neighbor on the other side, she’s not loud (or creepy). And she talks to me and spoils me when she sees me like the Purrincess I am.

So, when the human got back from taking care of Tori, she laid the keys on the bed, and I immediately smelled the neighbor’s scent – and Tori’s – and decided the keys now belong to me.

And I wouldn’t let the human have them back, but the moron waited till I went to the litterbox and took them when I wasn’t looking! 

*Sharpens claws * (Don’t worry – payback is coming)!

The second picture is sweet little  Serafina after a play session today with the human at the Creature’s house… I have her purrmission to let Serafina play with my kat dancer and Serafina loved it! 

She went absolutely nuts!😹 

Serafina had so much fun!

And after she finished playing with the human, she decided to be a Kat burglar fur the rest of the day, and check out the resident rabbit!!😹  (good girl)!

So Serafina and I had a Pawsome day – but the human, well- she came home with new scratches (not my doing –this time)!

Tori went from playing with the human last night, to growling and swatting at her and biting her today! 

The human tried to calm her, and Tori purred fur a few minutes then growled, bit her and walked away!

She doesn’t know how to help Tori. She knows Tori is confused and feels abandoned – and misses her mom. 

But other than giving her love, treats and my calming food, she really doesn’t know how to help her. 

Tori’s mom left a message on the answering machine so Tori would hear her voice and know she’s okay – but it seemed like Tori either didn’t recognize her voice, or was just more upset!

If any of you have any helpful ideas, I know the human would appreciate it!

Fur now, I’m going to go give my human some snuggles. She’s had a rough day!

Shrimp and Serafina’s Sunday Selfies 

Published March 6, 2016 by hairballexpress

 Greetings you lucky humans! 😺 ☕️ Today you get to see selfies of cute little me and Serafina (only poor little Serafina is under the Creature’s spell)…  

I was going after “the bug”- that’s what the humans call my favorite new toy The Kat Dancer- I attack that thing and chase it all over the house fur as long as the human will play with me!  She actually sets a timer on her phone so she can make sure she remembers to play with me fur at least a half hour a day! 😺

Only that flippin half hour flies by too fast! *tail FLAP!*😾 

And here,… Well I think the pictures say it all! Mol!😹  

Have a Pawsome Sunday, Dudes!

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