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A new Award fur the Kat! The Harmony and Peace Award!!

Published December 7, 2014 by hairballexpress

I have been given a new award!😺


My furiend Coach Muller, over at Good Time Stories awarded me with the Harmony and Peace Award!

Dudes- (and Dudettes)- If you haven’t yet visited his blog, take a few minutes to check it out! It’s inspiring (even to us kats)- and always has a way of melting my furry little heart! (Thanks, Dude)! 😺

Here’s the award rules:

1.] Give this award to seven bloggers who have added Harmony & Peace, Love & Beauty and Positivity to the world you live in.

2.] Let them know that you nominated them.

3.] Acknowledge the blogger from whom you received this award

4,] Display your award on your blog, because you have earned it!

5.] Continue to live in Harmony & Peace”

And now fur the seven Pawsome blogs I want to pass this award on to-

1.) She doesn’t normally accept awards, but I’m hoping Mom Bonzo / Lady Pinkrose at Petals Unfolding will make an exception. I always love her DELICIOUS, I mean LOVELY
flowers and other photos she shares- and she is always uplifting and encouraging. And, SHE EVEN LETS ME NIBBLE ON HER ROSES! Oh- and fur the lovely way she documented the trials of Winter Storm Knife fur us- beautifully done!

2.) Next, I’d like to give this award to
my furiend Silent- Dugood, fur her daily encouraging words and poetry that lifts my furry little spirit EVEN when I’ve been hiding from the Creature all day!

3.) And, I especially don’t want to furget Two Blind Cats and Crew, fur her efforts at purrviding a loving home fur her blind kitties, and her efforts to become a PURRmanent shelter fur blind kats and to change the public PURRception that blind kats are “un-adoptable!”

4.) And there’s also My furiends Destinee & Alexandra at Deziz World, they keep us posted on their daily adventures as service kats taking care of their human- I don’t know what she’d do without them to look after her and brighten her day!

5.) And there’s also Sunsetdragon– her posts brighten my day as she shares about PURRviding care fur her hubby, Ali her sweet kitty and special heartwarming memories!

6.) Then, there’s my special furiend at
Cats at The Bar– always with pictures of HANDSOME KATS and adorable kittens and that warm the heart and make me purr!

7.) And finally, there’s my furiends Roxy & Tigerlino at Purrfect Kitties! They always brighten my day with their funny pictures and thoughtful comments!

Not only to Coach Muller, but to all of my nominees as well!

Have a PURRfect Sunday!

A Tribute to Firefighters

Published September 2, 2013 by hairballexpress

Thinking about my furry relatives in danger

I’ve said before that I don’t really like just any humans (but I adore my humans). The reason is that sometimes humans can be cruel and mean to kats; like the humans that abandoned me and my family in a park.

But tonight I’m thinking of another kind of humans…the very special kind that put themselves in harms’ way to help animals and anybody else who get trapped in burning buildings or hurt in accidents. The humans call them “Firefighters.”

These men and women drop whatever they’re doing in a split second to rescue anyone who calls, and that includes animals (and EVEN baby humans)!

They rush into burning buildings when others are running away and risk dying themselves so they can save those who are trapped and afraid!

Here is a slideshow showing
firefighters with kats they rescued.

The kats are scared…and some are hurt- but they are safe because of a firefighter’s bravery and sacrifice. I am very afraid of fire as I think every kat is. But knowing there are nice humans like this out there makes me feel a lot more secure.

Kats, spread the love and thanks-
To all these firefighters who risk their lives to protect and rescue us.

Some day they may save your life or the lives of your pet humans!

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