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And then there’s the oddballs from Dad’s side of the Family:

Published May 28, 2014 by hairballexpress


Okay, don’t ask me how… But this is my great, great, great Granddaddy-

(He was adopted….why I’ll never know)….

The dude didn’t know the first thing about how to be a kat, he was flippin AFRAID of mice – (how embarrassing!) –
And his table manners were atrocious!

But, he was a pretty good singer…..


Then he met Miss Piggy, and they lived unhappily ever after. Seems she wasn’t impressed with his table manners, either.

I can’t tell you how many times I saw them rolling around in the mud fighting when I was a kitten, instead of scratching, hissing and

clawing like any respectable kat would do.  Then, they had babies…


“Porker”…. Cute little guy – but he never learned how to be a kat….and they furgot to install his whiskers, and TOTALLY screwed up his tail!


They must have eventually stopped fighting, because pretty soon they had another kitten…..“Pinky…”

They still got the tail all wrong, and the ears were just plain weird… But still, she was family…..


Wouldn’t ya know, the next litter was flippin TWINS!

Meet “Loin” & “Tenderloin” (???)

They loved playing in the litterbox, but never quite figured out what it was fur.


TRIPLETS!!!   “Bacon,” “Bits,” & “Sausage”

And not one of them knew how to be a kat! They didn’t even like catnip, and they ate flippin VEGETABLES!

Furtunately, they FINALLY caught on that they didn’t look or act like kats at all..

So, I gave them a life size portrait of the most beautiful kat I’ve ever seen, so they can know what to try fur…


   Maybe next time they’ll get it right….

     ✦  Photos from Pinterest ✦

Meet my crazy Aunt Zelda- and the rest of the idiots

Published May 27, 2014 by hairballexpress


Its been a while since I got out the family albums (there’s a reason fur that)…

The above picture is my crazy Aunt Zelda.

She thought she was human, right down to the diapers she wore when she got old. They knew something was wrong when they caught her trying to put her human’s false teeth in.


Aunt Leona wasn’t all there either….. She fancied herself to be married to the Lion King. Pity his wife did’nt agree.


Great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great Aunt Victoria lived in the1400’s in King HenryVIII’s Court. She loved all the hiding places at the palace. Too bad his wives couldn’t fit into them.


Grandma Pinkie was a “business kat.”
The purroblem was that her “business” was growing nip. She got busted and sent to the pound because an “inFURmant” ratted her out. She later ate him.


UncleTipsy fancied himself to be a rock star. He had quite a following.

Unfurtunately, they followed him to throw rocks at him.


Howling Hannah made it as a singer….all the way to the White House lawn. Unfurtunately, the NSA heard she was planning to take over the White House kitchen, and she hasn’t been seen since.

        ✦ Photos from Pinterest ✦

The Wonderful Team Member Readership Award (SUPER PURRS)*!!

Published May 21, 2014 by hairballexpress
Thank You Lady Pinkrose!

Thank You Lady Pinkrose!


Fur months now, my PURRFECTLY WONDERFUL readers have showered me with awards- and I haven’t been able to post about them simply because doing it from the human’s smartphone takes too much time. So I finally decided to sneak myself off to use the Creatures’ Mom’s laptop until the human gets a new one…(but dude- if the Creature gets here befur I’m done, I’m so OUTTA HERE)!

There are tons of awards (and wonderful furiends who nominated me fur them over the last few months), that I  have to start with the most recent and work my way backwards… I also want to thank each and every one of you who awarded me and I hope you haven’t been upset that it has taken me so long to acknowledge them!

The first award is the Wonderful Team Member Readership Award  given to me by my good furiend, Lady Pinkrose!  I love her blog and especially all her delectable, I mean- DELICIOUS- no, I mean BEAUTIFUL roses! If you love nibbling on delectable roses like I do, (or just looking at them like humans do)- stalk on over to her lovely blog fur a virtual FEAST!! And Thank You, Mom Bonzo (Lady Pinkrose)!! You made my furry little day!! *(purrrs)*

The rules are that I pass this onward to 14 people who I feel deserve to be nominated

The hardest part of posting about rewards is choosing who to pass them on to since there are so many pawsome blogs out there that I love!

So here goes:

1.)  I nominate my cute furless furiend, Bacon!  Check out this darling porker’s blog at Piglove! The daily life of a pot bellied piggie and his family!)

2.) And of course, my good furiend Oscar over at lessonswithoscar the trials, joys and tribulations of life with a blind ragdoll kitty… One of my favorites!

3.) And now fur another favorite worthy of an award- Cats at the Bar – Always pictures of lovely kats and their (very important) capers and opinions! 

4.) And fur the history loving kats (like me)- or history loving humans, I nominate my furiend  tkmorin  over at Bite Size Canada!

5.) And there’s my furiend Ajaytao and his lovely blog, Ajaytao2010His blog features beautiful photography and delicious birds, flowers, and other lovely delights….*(purrs)*

6.) And I can’t furget my furiend over at 2 Blind Cats and Crew …. the trials and blessings of rescuing blind kitties- definitely a purrrrfect blog!

7.) And, I nominate Dezizworld! A fun blog about Service kitty Deztinee and her sister Alexandria!

8.) Also I nominate idiot-prufs – a hilariously fun blog with topics that are always different but hilarious!

9.) And of course, I nominate Melanie’s Crossroads- fur all her lovely travel photos that take me to lovely places…

10.) And my furiend at Three Cat Yard fur the daily adventures of her lovely kats…

11.) And also the Kindness Blog fur their wonderfully refreshing blog featuring random acts of kindness(kats love kind people)!

12.) And I have to nominate my furiend Megan fur her purrsonal blog about her life with OCD and her handsome kat, Chester….The War in My Brain

13.) Then, I nominate another favorite blog of mine…. The delightful Fuzzy Undertones Always a treat to read!

14.) And last, but not least, my furiends Roxy and Tigerlino at Purrfectkitties

Concatulations to all my nominees and thank you again to Lady Pinkrose fur this Pawsome award- I am honored and thrilled!

There are others who have nominated me fur awards, and I thank you too and I will post them as soon as possible!

*(Trillllllls)* /*(stretch / yawn)* Goodnight!

Reasons to GET a KAT:

Published April 3, 2014 by hairballexpress


✿  We are party animals


✿  We are easy to feed


■  We help you concentrate


■  We are great alarm clocks


♦  We help with the laundry


♦ We help with making the bed


♥  We help with dinner


♥ We help you with the grocery List


★ We help purrtect you from those internet predators


★ We are just so flippin COOL……

Photos from Pinterest

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