Shrimp’s diary: 

Published July 6, 2016 by hairballexpress

Greetings humans!😺 ☕️ 

Well, the human has been so busy (more than usual) – since discovering her neighbor in serious condition and alerting the police. 

The neighbor was taken to the hospital and the human has been caring fur the kitty.

I should be jealous of all the attention my human has been lavishing on Tori, but (just this once), I’m being patient because I was watching from the doorstep when all the action was taking place and they took Tori’s human away in the ambulance. 

Then I  followed the human to the neighbor’s house and waited outside at the screen door after everyone left, while the human went in to comfort Tori and give her food and water, and clean her litterbox.

I heard poor Tori crying and she asked  me to please let my human stay with her just for a little while because she was so afraid fur her human – and she was afraid to be alone. 

The fear in her eyes broke even my heart – so I said just fur awhile I would share my human with her – and even some of my prescription calming food.

I’m glad she loves it – and it really helps her get through all the stress right now. The human said she calmed down almost immediately last night after eating some of it after the fireworks started in our neighborhood.

The human has been busy going over about 4 times a day since then, to care fur her and she stays and fur a couple of hours at least once a day, so Tori has company and someone to play with (although she doesn’t really feel like playing much).

Yesterday the human went to the hospital to see her furiend and bring her some things she’d asked fur. She was there when the doctor came in.

Her furiend’s kidneys had begun to shut down when she was found, so the doctors say she got there just in time. They are pushing fluids (IV and by mouth), and her kidneys are doing better and the doctor said they don’t think there will be any purrmanent kidney damage. 

Her heart had been racing at a dangerously high rate so they had considered moving her to cardiac unit, but they got it stabilized so they didn’t need to. 

Yesterday she was alert and more like herself, but is badly bruised, and has abrasions all over from hitting the wall and sliding down when she fell, and is unable to move her legs.

She was on the floor lodged between the wall and her bed and although the phone was inches away from her, her arm refused to work when she tried to reach it, and she kept falling asleep when she tried to answer my humans’ questions as she was calling out to her from outside the window. 

She spent Caturday and Sunday night in the hospital and today she was moved to a rehabilitation facility for several weeks of physical therapy to be able to walk again.

She’s very happy to be alive and thankful she was found. And I think Tori is getting better now too – and even though I don’t like all that attention going to a Kat other than my cute little self, somehow I don’t mind so much, because right now Tori needs my human more than I do.

Besides – sooner or later, the neighbor will get better and come home, and I’ll have my human all to myself again. And, a new playmate!😺


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