Taking care of the human 

Published July 3, 2016 by hairballexpress

Just a note to say the human and her neighbor / furiend needs purrayer. STAT!
The human is wound up tighter than a cheap clock tonight – and I’m trying to help her calm down and sleep- (it’s not working)…

My trills and purrs usually work, but tonight something happened that has hit her purrty hard.
She had sent a text message to her furiend and next door neighbor, because she noticed that her neighbor had not picked up her mail fur the last three days – and no one had seen her or heard from her. 

This was strange because her neighbor is very furiendly, and always responds to text messages quickly, and calls, and when anyone knocks on her door she always answers. (And her car has sat in the driveway unmoved fur the last three  days).

Another neighbor brought it to her attention that he noticed she hadn’t picked up her mail, and wasn’t  answering his calls. 

She called the neighbor’s home phone and cell phone (which this furiend keeps within reach at all times) and left her a voicemail asking her to text or call and let them know she was okay. 

After about 40 minutes of waiting fur a response, the human decided to go and pound on the door (the other neighbor had knocked the day before and earlier yesterday, and received no response)- 

Meanwhile, the neighbor’s Kat inside the house was in the window frantically Meowing at her. She began to call as loudly as she could to her neighbor and they walked all around the house and things just didn’t seem right.

So, the human returned to the front door and knocked again, calling to her and asking, “Are you okay?” 

Then she thought she heard her crying and trying to say something – but she couldn’t make out what it was (neither could the other neighbor)- and the crying (muffled) seemed to be coming from the direction of her neighbor’s bedroom, so they went to the bedroom window, calling to her -(and hearing her crying out, but still, neither of them could understand what she was saying).

This neighbor is also a diabetic and disabled, and lives alone.

Finally, the human called out again and asked if she was hurt, and her furiend tried to reply (sounding garbled and in obvious distress). So the human told her, “We’re going to call the police and get you some help!”

Within ten minutes the police were there, and they also knocked on the window, letting her know they were there to help and asking if she was able to come to the door, or the window or to do something to let them see her (they also could hear her, but not understand).

The next thing was to locate the landlord and get a key to get inside and find her -(that took a while).

Finally, the Officers got inside and found her on the floor – in bad shape. The human could hear her crying out when  they tried to evaluate her and lift her off the floor – and she told them she had been there fur three days! (She had been unable to reach her phone).

The ambulance came and took her away, and she didn’t look good. One of the officers gave the human the neighbor’s house key so she could take care of her Kat until her furiend  gets home.

The poor Kat was in a panic, and was obviously starving. Also, the furiend told the officers she hadn’t eaten in three days. 

The human stayed with the Kat fur a little while after everyone left, and held her, fed her, cleaned her litterbox and brushed her to try and calm her down. 

(But kitty threw up right away)!

She left a light on fur the kitty (after cleaning up), and put the TV on fur her so she wouldn’t feel as lonely (hopefully), but it broke her heart. 

We don’t know how bad she’s hurt, or if she’s going to be okay since she’s diabetic. 

The human called her furiend’s Mom to let her know what happened, and that she had been taken to the hospital. 

That’s when she discovered that her Mom also had been calling repeatedly to see if she was okay.

It’s now 3:00 am, and my human can’t possibly sleep. 

She’s worried about her furiend and wishes she could calm the kitty, but most of all, she can’t help wondering how she hadn’t noticed sooner that something had to be wrong. 

She thinks of her furiend laying in the floor in pain and unable to move (or let anyone know she needed help) fur these last few days and hopes that she was found in time.

Please purray fur them both – this is just a little too much fur both of them!


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