Tuesday Tickles 

Published June 14, 2016 by hairballexpress

Greetings humans! 😺 ☕️ 

Sometimes I notice that you humans look at your pets as if you’re wondering what the heck they’re thinking about.

Well, maybe this will help you figure it out –

“Granny Olsen” isn’t one to be messed with!

Tuxie keeps breaking into random homes purrtending he lives there in hopes that sooner or later he’ll convince some rich katless lady that he belongs there and she just furgot.

Yeah, good luck with that, bubble – brain!

Mol! 😹 Something tells me he’s going to have to wait a long time fur his bowl to get filled!

Dinner and dessert in ONE!😺


There’s extra room in my basement -(just sayin’).

So that explains the yelp heard around the block! 😹 

Poor Henry’s just concerned fur the little appetizer – uh, I mean, helpless little hamster! The ketchup was just a side note – he’d noticed the bottle in the trash yesterday. *snickers*

Should’ve listened to the Kat. Now the dumb dog vibrates.

🐭  Memes courtesy of Cheezeburger and Pinterest  🐭


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