10 comments on “Me? FAT?? Why that rotten….

  • Shrimp, this is slander- you must take action against the human! How DARE she call your obviously FLOOFY FUR self fat, it seems to me the only thing fat is the falsifications coming from her mouth. A spider delight is just an appetizer, this kind of atrocity against your public image calls for a main course: THE POO DELIGHT!! 💩💩💩💩 Leave them carefully in places using the same thoughtful manner in which she insulted your Royal tortie beauty- ie: top of her head while sleeping, dinner plate, coat pocket, inside bloomers in drawer, stomped flat against TV remote. (My personal faves are the top of her head and the TV Remote.) Do not hesitate to contact me if you need further inspiration, I am always here to defend you my fellow tortie, OR ladycat friend. Paws united! 🐾🐾



    • Well, hello there Clove! I’ve missed you!! I’ve already left a few tokens of my DISappurroval in various strategic places throughout the house – he favorite spot on the couch, her expensive Sealy Posture pedic memory foam pillow, her nice purrty comforter – and in the rug by the bathtub (right before she stepped out of the shower)!!😹 MWAHAHAHA!!!!

      But feel free to send me some ideas – I feel a need to punctuate my thoughts fur her (you know how slow these humans are)!!!


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