Creature Feature: Double Trouble 

Published April 22, 2016 by hairballexpress

Greetings humans!😺 ☕️   

Well, I think there’s something wrong with my eyes – lately when I follow my human over to the Creature’s house, I start seeing double!  Yep – that’s right. 

I hide under the bushes and watch (being careful that the Creature doesn’t see me and come after me)- and right when I think I’ve got everything all figured out, up pops ANOTHER Creature! 🙀


Yesterday, I watched as the human called the Creature inside and they started coloring together – and suddenly the Creature next door came bursting inside to show off her claw polish! (Those claws are scary enough without that shiny pink stuff on them)!

The next thing I knew they were at the table together plotting and drawing out their blueprint of the Kat attack they had scheduled – and then, I couldn’t believe my eyes – 


They captured poor little Serafina!🙀

She narrowly escaped – thanks to the human looking up from the computer just in time to see them purrparing to dress her in doll clothes!

Luckily, the Creature next door got called inside by her mom (Serafina purrayed)- and the human was able to distract the Creature long enough fur poor Serafina to run away and hide. 

She was so relieved that she managed to escape, so we’re getting together today with a few blueprints of our own – the next time those two creatures get together, we’ll have a surprise of our own fur them! 



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