More from the Family Album (UnFURtunately)

Published March 31, 2016 by hairballexpress

Greetings furiends. 😺☕️

Shrimp here with more pictures from my family album. Before we get started, I just want you to know I have no idea where these morons came from. And I’m the cutest and smartest of the bunch.

 Fur example:


My great, great, great Aunt Clara tried to get rid of her wrinkles with a face-lift. The only thing that got lifted was her wrinkles – (and her nip stash).

Poor great, great Grandpaw Chubs had his tail bit off by the family idiot (Rover)…


Chubs  lived a long, happy life (tail-less) – Rover had an encounter with him in the backyard about a month later and he was never seen again. 


Grandma Snowball lost it toward the end – she pawed at bugs that weren’t there, had staring contests with her shadow, slept with the Creatures- and worst of all – MADE FURIENDS WITH THE DOG! 🙀


My third cousin, Bubs ran off every dog in the neighborhood. UnFURtunately, one of those dogs was a K-9 police OFFICER. He got arrested fur assault with a deadly claw.


My Great Uncle Vaugn (who came over on a ship from Germany where he was Chief Mouser), got tired of hunting mice, and decided to get something a little more interesting to catch. UnFURtunately, she only spoke dog.

And last, (But not least)- Uncle Tom sneaked out one day to go serenade his girlfriend, and came back (4 months later) with 16 kittens! 

Stay tuned for More from my Family Album!

  🐭  Memes courtesy of Cheezeburger 🐭


10 comments on “More from the Family Album (UnFURtunately)

  • The last meme is a VERY dangerous situation for every cat! When the owner stands by like here the worst can be averted, but when nobody is around a cat in a tilted window can DIE. They usually work themselves ever deeper into that v-shaped slot and the blood circulation from the inner organs is interrupted. If that occurs and lasts too long (and I don’t know what is too long) the cat will die upon being released in a few seconds!
    So cat owners around the world – NO TILTED WINDOWS!!!

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