Happy Easter!

Published March 28, 2016 by hairballexpress

Greetings humans!😺 ☕️  

It’s EASTER! Have a wonderful happy Easter with your family -(yes, Creatures too)! 

Today was a busy day for the humans – and human #2 is still sick -(worse)- so we aren’t sure yet how the humans will be spending the day. 

But one thing we know is that we are blessed – and that our Savior is risen! 

Have a Pawsome Easter with your family – I will post more tomorrow. Right now I have to get this fleas brained human to go to bed, because she’s exhausted – (and she’d better be ready to feed me in the morning)! Mol!!

             🐰 Happy Easter furiends! 🐰


4 comments on “Happy Easter!

  • You will forgive me, I hope, my feline friend, for indulging in a bit of talk about “the Creature,” but only just now in the photo montage at the top (and after no small amount of time of following you here and on the Twitter) did I notice the striking resemblance between the Creature and her mother. How wonderful!

    A joyous Easter to you and the human beings whom you generously tolerate, my dear friend. 😸😉

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