The Creature, the White House and the Scare 

Published March 19, 2016 by hairballexpress

Good morning humans! 😺 ☕️ 

There’s been a lot going on with the lower life forms around here-(humans) –  
The Creature’s Mom and Dad just celebrated their 3rd anniversary – at THE WHITE HOUSE!🙀

They got treated like flippin royalty -(what’s up with THAT!? Only kats are royalty)!😾  
They even had complimentary champagne and chocolates waiting fur them! 

While poor Serafina was eating dry cereal!!!!!!😾 $75.00 a bag, but still,…

Meanwhile, the Creature was having a blast with her other grandparents, getting treated like royalty- (noticing a pattern here yet)? And Serafina and I had a conference, and decided to put our paws down!
But then they came back home, and Serafina went out the next morning (tired of not getting her 4 am play session with the Creature’s Dad while they were gone), and she stayed gone the whole day! Even I was worried -(we hadn’t planned that part)!

When she finally came home late that night -(after the humans had walked around calling and searching fur her all day), she was soaking wet and muddy – even her whole belly!

Everyone was thrilled she came home – safe and unharmed – but it had been pouring  rain all day, and no one could figure out where she’d been. She immediately got fed and then got a bath – and she was so happy to be home – she even snuggled up with the Creature! 


Everyone had been so afraid fur her – but now she’s safe and clinging to everyone like crazy. 

That’s not all that’s going on with these humans, but it’s past time for my midnight nap- so I’ll finish later.  Just thinking about it has me exhausted!

Later, dudes! 💤


22 comments on “The Creature, the White House and the Scare 

  • Heartfelt best wishes to the adult human beings. How odd the mating rituals of our species must seem. Not entirely cat-like, I admit, and yet somehow they can work out quite beautifully.

    And warm wishes also to the sometimes wayward Serafina. 🙂

    And to you as well, our most devoted reporter of all news in and about your household. 😉

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    • Why thank you, human! 😻 There is so much more going on around here to report, but I have an extremely difficult napping schedule, you know. And since kittens everywhere look up to me as a THE example of Purrfect kathood, I have to do my best to set an example! 😹 MWAHAHAHA!!

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