Monday Madness 

Published February 8, 2016 by hairballexpress

Greetings humans. ☕️ 

I’m still trying to get the humans around here smiling again – but it’s not easy. 

We all still hurt because of the loss of “the Judge”- and I heard them saying it’s going to take a long time to recover.

But in the interest of making sure they don’t stay sorrowful furever -(I’ve gotta make sure they feed me, ya know)-

…And because I figure some of you could use a smile today too- today,  I’m pulling out all the stops.  

Some pals of mine want to help make you smile (and those humans of mine)- even if it’s only fur a few minutes. 

And this time, Serafina is going to help- (she has to eat too, ya know)!  

Attack Kat!  




 Are you smiling yet?


Enjoy your day humans. Thank you fur all your purrayers, love and support fur me and the humans.

And – enjoy your pets – give them all the love you can give them. Take the time to love on them and play with them and give them extra attention. Don’t assume that you can do it later.

🌹Memes (except of Serafina and cute little me) courtesy of Cheezeburger 🌹


8 comments on “Monday Madness 

  • Well, The Judge was another well loved neighbour – let the humans grieve a little longer. Would you expect them to get over you that fast? Ok, YOU are so lucky to be a family member. Just – the Judge did not have a family. I think the neighbourhood was the closest he came to have a family. So let them mourn him a day or two longer. Or would you want them to say after your death: Come on, she was just a cat, why grieve?

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    • Oh believe me – they’re going to be grieving fur along time. And the humans can’t even think about what would happen if they lost me! But I have to try to make them smile at least fur a little bit. The human still has to watch the Creature while it’s parents are at work – and she needs to be able to help the Creature deal with it…🌹

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