Creature Feature: They gave it “Happy air?”

Published January 28, 2016 by hairballexpress

 Well, those ridiculous humans have done it now! 
They took the Creature to the dentist today because she had some baby teeth that have been trying to come out fur too long and they were starting to hurt her all the time.   
 First they put her at ease by letting her brush another “patient’s” teeth.

I don’t know how she managed it, but she must’ve done something wrong, because she made its teeth so big and that poor “patient” looked an awful lot like a flippin MONKEY when she was done!

Must’ve been that giant Toothbrush. 

*Oh well, that’s what they get fur turning a creature loose on their patients!*

Then they finally caught the Creature and tied it down with a strappy thing over her nose. I’m sure the MONKEY was relieved, but I don’t think the Creature got the point.  I mean, LOOK at her! She’s smiling! 

*shakes head*

So after they rescued that poor unFURtunate monkey and tied her down, they took out her tooth (no idea what they did with it- maybe they gave it to the monkey fur a peace offering).

But DUDE! They gave her “Happy Air!” (Watermelon scented even)! 🙀

It must’ve worked though – the humans expected her to be scared because it was her first time getting a tooth pulled – but appurrently they had her so flippin happy, she never even knew when it was done!! 😹 

Right after she was back to normal -(only just a little too happy)!

She went right back home and got spoiled playing her Minions game!

*And somewhere tonight there’s a poor mangled, big – toothed monkey running around wondering what to do with a tooth that’s not his. God knows he don’t have room fur it in that mouth of his!* 😹


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