Shrimp and Serafina’s Sunday Selfies 

Published January 17, 2016 by hairballexpress

Good morning humans!😺 ☕️ 

Is time to treat you guys again to some new pictures of cute little me and Serafina!! Notice we have matching bows! 

In the top picture, I’m hard at work in one of my chores to help around the house – (trapping the heat in the fresh laundry when it came out of the dryer).

That was a nice, warm pile of laundry, and of course I had to conserve all that lovely heat!

In the picture with the Creature sitting on the floor, Serafina had been heading to her station at the door to request the Butler to open it fur her (the human)- but  the Creature had just got home from school and cut her off at the pass- 

*Note to Serafina: RUN next time, dummy!*

In the top left picture, Serafina was worn out from a long day of working overtime on cute patrol – and, a long day of Creature dodging – (notice her hanging limp on her kat tree)….then, next (left) the GORGEOUS gray fur belongs to sweet little me as I was daydreaming of a dog – free, Creature – free paradise somewhere over the Rainbow. 

And, in the next picture, I sat on the foot rest of the recliner soaking up all the love and treats I could handle from the human…Then, in the picture of the Creature sitting on the back of the couch in front of the window – the Creature was having a long talk with Serafina! 

Hope you enjoyed our lovely pictures!

Enjoy your Sunday, dudes!


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