The Vet Threat 😾

Published January 13, 2016 by hairballexpress

Well, the human has done it now! 

I woke up to a Purrfectly lovely (rainy) day looking furward to a nice, quiet morning with both my humans spoiling me while they had their morning coffee and telling me how Purrfect I am…

But then the human got up (before I dismissed her), and started getting dressed earlier than usual. I knew something was up right then. 

A few minutes later I followed her into the kitchen and discovered the Kat carrier was open on the couch! 🙀

Uh oh – and off we went to THE VET!


I cried and wailed as pathetically as I could  – but the dang human plopped me on the table anyway!😾

Now, the vet was very sweet – (I secretly love her – but that’s beside the point)- but she poked and prodded and rubbed and did unspeakable (very RUDE) THINGS WITH THE THERMOMETER – – and all the while my flippin human just stood there and watched! *sharpens claws*

But after awhile, she did start talking about what a cute little sweetheart I am (so I’ll only slash ONE of her tires),and she told the human I’m very healthy -(and 9.4 lbs of cattitude). 

She said she didn’t find anything wrong with me (But I found plenty wrong with her)- except fur conjunctivitis in my eyes. 

Well if that moron human would quit wiping my eyes I wouldn’t have it! *tail FLAP!*

So finally, she said my teeth look great, and I’m a healthy little girl and let me go giving the human medicine fur my eyes and “lysine” fur my food – (why the flea does my food need medicine)?

Anyway, I’m FINALLY back home now – exhausted – and not talking to that moron human!😾


21 comments on “The Vet Threat 😾

  • At least you have a decent reason for giving them the silent treatment … last week, Purrseidon wanted to go into the back yard, after it rained and Mr. M decided he’d come along… long story short, they both got so muddy that I needed to bathe them (of course, Purr loved this). .. Mr. M gave me the evil eye and silent treatment until Sunday. He has now forgiven me, but don’t know if he remembered that he was the one who asked to go out or not…

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  • Totally unacceptable and what’s with her leaving before you’d dismissed her!? We hate that! Glad you are ok at least you can plan your revenge now!


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