Flippin humans.

Published January 10, 2016 by hairballexpress

The can openers went on a date tonight – and left me here all by my cute little self WITHOUT MY iPhone! 😾

On top of that, they came back from the pet store with something fur me, but it WASN’T a nice fresh whale, or a mouse, or a fish or a canary – it was a flippin BOW! *tail FLAP!*

Great. How am I going to explain this to my furiends?


Of course, they did sweeten the deal by buying ME a new TV….(I don’t know why the dummies insist it’s theirs). It’s obvious that it was designed fur me.

It’s almost enough to make me furgive them fur this ridiculous bow. 

Almost…. *sharpening claws*


19 comments on “Flippin humans.

  • We tried putting a bow on Tess. Biggest mistake ever.
    You should try what she did. Just push the thing off of your head and shred it to pieces. Then cover it with shredded toilet paper and give it as a “present” to your humans! They’ll love it *hehehe*

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