Shrimp and Serafina’s Sunday Selfies 

Published January 3, 2016 by hairballexpress

Greetings dudes! 😺☕️

This is your lucky day! You get to see Selfies of lovely little me and Serafina!  

Aren’t we Pawsome?

I’m worried fur Serafina though – I mean, just look at her!!

It looks like the Creature has put her under some magic spell or something! I mean, she’s laying there just melting into the Creature’s arms –(even though she knows how dangerous that is)!🙀  

Hmm…. The Creature must have nip on her hot little paws!! (It’s a flippin trap)!😾 

This is A Sunday Selfie blog hop! Check out out, dudes – fur more Pawsome Kat Selfies like these!!   


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