That flippin elf stole my candy cane! πŸ˜Ύ

Published December 25, 2015 by hairballexpress

Merry Christmas (morning)! β˜•οΈ

That sassy little miss “Smurfie jinglebell” has obviously stopped helping Santa and started helping her sassy little self…

Here she is on the Christmas tree- (where I might add, Serafina and I aren’t allowed to go)- with my candy cane in her hot little elfin paws! And, it makes me wonder what else she’s been up to –

And the day before yesterday, the Creature woke up to a “goodbye note” from the elf – (appurently she touched the elf which no little creatures are supposed to do)- so now she has to go back to the North Pole “to get her magic back”(?)…  (Hey! Maybe she’ll take the Creature)! 😺


The Creature woke up fast when she came into the kitchen and saw the elf there waiting (to say goodbye)- and that the elf had written her a poem!

(Of course, she’s a creature, so the first thing she noticed was the chocolate the elf had left as a parting gift – and somehow, she couldn’t think of anything else until the chocolate got eaten)!


Gee… The Creature looks so broken hearted that the elf is leaving…

She got over it really fast though – I guess it’s true what the humans around here say – “Chocolate fixes EVERYTHING!” – I know it fixed any hope the human had of a quiet, peaceful morning!!😹 

Meanwhile, the elf must’ve decided she couldn’t take anymore – the last time the human saw her, she was trying to claw her way out through the kitchen blinds!

I get it, Smurfie – I’ve tried it myself! 


Better luck next time! MWAHAHAHA!😹 


16 comments on “That flippin elf stole my candy cane! πŸ˜Ύ

  • Whooo hoo, Smurfie Jinglebell,what a lovely name. Both me and the Creature will miss her and look forward to seeing her next year. I bet as much as you watch her you never see her move, but suddenly she’s up the Venetian blinds and away.Sad really. Still as you say, chocolate fixes everything for humins.
    Milo. xx

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