Deer Santa Claws

Published December 15, 2015 by hairballexpress

Deer Santa Claws;

In case you don’t remember me, this is Shrimp- (the smartest, coolest Kat in the Northwest).   
Last year I asked you fur a whale. I even told you that if it was too hard fur you to stuff into the chimney, you could just plop it into the bathtub. You didn’t give my my whale. 😾

I’m sure that by now some other Kat has enjoyed MY nice, juicy whale, so let’s just move on. 

After all, you are only human, and we kats know that humans aren’t all that well stacked in the brain dept.

Besides, now that the Creature’s Mom and Dad are threatening to have MORE creatures, my needs have changed somewhat. Here’s my updated demand – I mean, WISH LIST:

  • Full (feline) body armor (size small)
  • Invisibility cloak 
  • Auto sharpen claws (size extra large, please)
  • Light saber
  • Darth Vader helmet and cloak (size small – pink please)
  • Fresh canary (Hold the cage)
  • Anti dog spray (50 lb. Can). 

Please get it right this time, and I promise I’ll leave your milk and cookies alone.



    21 comments on “Deer Santa Claws

  • I am sure, Santa has just not been able to lay his hands on a whale – you know, there is a whale-meowroartorium, that forbids bipeds to chase whales. But then, I am not sure you would even LIKE whale – far better to have the weight of a whale in tuna cans, isn’t it?

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