We sure taught that elf…

Published December 14, 2015 by hairballexpress

Serafina and I found a cure fur our boredom when the humans are gone. 😹  

We noticed that lazy elf hadn’t even twitched since we “helped him” last – so we decided to give him a little motivation to get off his elfin rump.  

(And also to show the Creature what we’re capable of)…MWAHAHAHA!😹 


First, we gathered a little support from The Creature’s abused toys (they were very happy to help)…


We even got Olaf and Godzilla to help!😸

…Who knew tape could be so much fun? Mol!😹 

And of course, we made sure the Creature will see the poor, unFURtunate elf as soon as she comes out of her bedroom…

That’ll teach that elf….    

Don’t we make a great team? MOL!😹 


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