It’s all about ME!

Published December 11, 2015 by hairballexpress

Greetings humans, fleabags, and fuzzballs! 😺☕️

I’ve been so starved fur some playtime the last few days that the human dropped everything and spent time just playing ribbons with me this morning! (It’s about flippin time)! 😾 I guess I have to re-educate this moron about who’s the boss around here. She’s been so flippin distracted by everything else that I’ve had to resort to my own devices fur entertainment.

Don’t worry – I haven’t been naughty…just…CREATIVE! 😼  Fur example, with that nice margarita glass the human puts my ice water in (on the corner of the bathtub)- I had so much fun fishing fur that goldfish in it last night! 😺

And it wasn’t MY fault it broke – how was I supposed to know the goldfish was just an illusion? It looked real enough to me! 

And when I got bored with that, Serafina and I did a little Christmas decorating, since the humans have been too busy to do it… Fur example, we decided that elf on the shelf dude needed a little help to get off his elfin rump, so we helped him out a little…  MWAHAHAHA!!!😹  Serafina brought her lasers in case he was feeling uncooperative!

Then we decided to teach the elf how to make snow angels…   And after that he wanted to color (I guess it gets boring just sitting there all day waiting to be noticed)…  But soon I got tired of that lazy elf (you flippin have to do EVERYTHING fur him)- and decided to start making my Christmas demand – I mean, wish List – so just to make it as clear as possible, I purrvided a live example on the kitchen table fur the human.  Think she’ll get the idea? Mol!😸 
  🐭 Mouse photo courtesy of Cheezeburger 🐭 




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