Monday Madness 

Published December 7, 2015 by hairballexpress

Good morning humans! ☕️ 


The human has observed that there’s always something happening to drag our spirits down and rob us of our joy. 

But we do have a choice in the matter. 

We can choose to dwell on the things that fill us with anxiety, fear or anger – or we can choose Faith, Hope and Thanksgiving. In these times, our choices will define not only our character – but our outcome.

Let’s choose joy in the face of anxiety. And let’s give thanks when our head screams fur fear. 

And let’s smile — every chance we get.

After all – it could be worse. You could’ve been A DOG!🙀   

       🐹 Photo courtesy of Pinterest 🐹



16 comments on “Monday Madness 

  • These days things are so crazy I wonder if it’s safe to come out from under the bed. You are right my fellow genius tortie, how would everyone get along in the world without your perspective and advice? Holy Bastet- ANYTHING is better than being a dog!! Those beasts not only rudely sniff strange butts but slobber their rank drool breath all over the place- how do they dare show their face publicly after this obscene behavior?! They do though, and even smile and wag their tails as if they deserve a medal for it– VULGAR!! *shudders with horror*

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