More Creature Flashbacks 

Published November 28, 2015 by hairballexpress

Well, it was another day of hiding from the Creatures – except for when their parents decided to have mercy and get them out of the house…of course, that left their parents with no place to hide…


Peaceful, huh? But just add a creature and suddenly,…


Instant girlfriend -(and double trouble)!

*GEEZ they start so young these days*…

Then the Creature decided to throw a penny into the wishing well –

Well, she made her wish!

But Santa still didn’t come yet even though she sat and waited in his chair… (Must’ve been a bad penny)!   


“Romeo” must’ve flirted extra hard – he’s exhausted!


Maybe he’s hoping to see her in his dreams…

 And the Creature has prepared her long list fur Santa…(Or a juicy plot)!
“Romeo” told Mom all about his new girlfriend –

And now it’s off to dreamland! 😺

Finally Serafina and I can plot our revenge!!



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