Serafina’s Creature lessons fur the new baby 

Published November 23, 2015 by hairballexpress

Greetings humans. ☕️  Well, yesterday the humans found out that the Creature is going to get a baby Creature in her life soon. 

While the humans are overjoyed, we kats are busy (plotting) and laying down some ground rules. *tail FLAP!* 😾

Here’s Serafina instructing the Creature on the purroper way to hold her. Serafina says if the Creature manages to hold the baby Creature the same way, Serafina will be happy (because if she’s holding the baby, Serafina gets a break). MOL!😸   Here Serafina’s teaching the Creature to keep the baby away from the bathroom heater. That’s Serafina’s favorite spot and she doesn’t share! 

And the baby can’t sleep in the sink either, because Serafina doesn’t like laying on squeaky baby toys – and Serafina was there first! 

And equally important, all boxes in the house (Especially pizza boxes) are the purroperty of Serafina –not the baby!   And here Serafina is instructing the Creature that the baby does not get the white tiger! Serafina’s claimed it already and she won’t share! 

Now I’m starting my list of rules – but first I need a nap! *snore *💤



11 comments on “Serafina’s Creature lessons fur the new baby 

  • I am sure, the place at the bathroom heater is safe … and the white tiger is too big for a new born anyway. The bigger disturbance will be that the new littlest creature will cry, poop, be fed and changed, bathed … and the first three things even in the middle of the night every 2 hours (approximately) – and they will have to keep Serafina away from the cot. Cats love babies – warm little creatures, not moving much – they will lie there for hours – but since the baby cannot move the head away from the cat, that could become trouble. So Serafina will have to learn that the cot is a no-no-place.

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