Creature Feature: It came BACK!

Published November 20, 2015 by hairballexpress

Well, it’s that time of year again, when the Creature has a big birthday celebration…  

Serafina thought the house would finally be quiet because the Creature was staying with other family from out of town fur a few days (fur her birthday)…

But she came back!!🙀 
Furtunately, when she came back after the weekend, she was wiped out from all that partying at Skateworld with other creatures her age, and all those sleepovers and fun with the out of town family members – 

I love the Creature when she’s ASLEEP!! MOL!😸 

But then she wakes up,… 

And when she wakes up,…so do the arms of steel!!! 

And so does her cattitude… 


And that death grip…



She crashes all over again!! 😹

Here’s a picture she drew of the human:

She brought it to the human and said. “…I drew a picture of you – and I’m sorry, but I made your hair gray, because, well, it IS,… I mean, I’m sorry, but you ARE old,…”
MWAHAHAHA!!!😹 And then she brought a picture she drew of Serafina…

Oh my kats! 😸 No wonder they adore that Creature around here!


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