Kat careers 

Published November 12, 2015 by hairballexpress

Good morning humans!😺☕️

Some of you guys still think that we kats do absolutely nothing but eat and sleep.

Well of course, you’re wrong. 

We also nap- (completely different from sleeping)- and bathe, hunt, fish in aquariums and streams, un-decorate Christmas trees, attack the feather duster, kill bugs,… And on top of that, we have careers of our own! 

Here’s a few examples;

  1.) Sports announcer 2.) Scratch post tester 3.) Advertising executive    

4.) Paper shredder  5.) Assistant baker  6.) Newspaper editor   7.) Astronaut   8.) Accountant 9.) TV critic 10.) Mighty huntress.


Now you know why we need all that sleep!!😹

     🐹 Memes courtesy of Cheezeburger 🐹


12 comments on “Kat careers 

  • Don’t forget that we cats are poison testers. We test cat treats and delicious cat food for potential poison–not that we could possibly find any after the humans have tested them through machine, but we still have the job, get paid for it, and receive free treats! *hehehe* Silly humans….Note that we can also be sneak thieves. Especially black cats, but others do good too 😀
    –Tess the calico hair-band thief

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  • Toonce keeps me safe from Rob’s puppy… I learned a lesson the other day. Rob’s dog was making Toonce’s back hair rise and foolish me thought it might be helpful to pick Toonce up and get him to safety….funny how my hands and arms looked a lot like the dogs paws… I’ll be back on solids soon the nurse says..

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