Sunday Kat confessions 

Published November 8, 2015 by hairballexpress

Well, it’s Sunday again. ☕️

Time to fess up to the bad things I’ve done all week- well, at least ONE thing – I’ll let my pals take over from there.


It wasn’t my fault – it was too shiny and sparkly – she should’ve known better than to take it off while she got her shower.


Tough job, but somebody’s gotta do it. 


Well, how else would they get there?


Good kitty!


Just making sure it’s not poisoned. It’s a public service.


Just helping the humans recycle.


Just like the celebrities do.


They’re the best kind.


Another public service we kats offer. You’re welcome. 



 Photos courtesy of Cheezeburger & Pinterest


12 comments on “ Sunday Kat confessions 

    • Oh yes I did!

      And not only that, it’s a Citizen watch (solar powered) that human #2 bought her fur her birthday about 5 years ago.

      But hey, I like those sparkly thingies around the face – and the mother of pearl face – and that I can drag it around in my teeth!!

      She sure gets fuzzed up when I do though!

      *Flippin spoil sport!*😾

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