Happy Halloween

Published October 30, 2015 by hairballexpress

So…it’s Halloween -again. Oh joy.  The humans want to wish you all a safe, happy Halloween. But what do they know?

As fur Serafina and I, we have a different message – fur kats’ sake, keep those creatures in their scary costumes away from us kats! πŸ™€

Some of the costumes creatures wear are so scary and realistic it scares the fleas right off us poor, unsuspecting kats!

And all that loud noise when a bunch of ghosts, goblins, aliens and vampires knock on the doors looking fur candy –? 

Oh my fleas!!

And, if we’re left all alone (outside) while trick – or – treaters are roaming the streets (often without adult supervision)- who’s going to make sure they don’t hurt us kats?

We don’t worry too much about the little creatures, because their parents are usually with them. But what scares us kats is the older creatures that aren’t supervised. 

We kats don’t understand scary costumes and we hate loud noises – and we especially hate when big creatures do things just to scare us.

So we hope the little creatures have adults with them to keep them safe, and that they have fun. 

But please don’t leave your kats outside on Halloween – (fur their safety), and please don’t let your bigger creatures go out unattended- it’s not safe fur them, and may not be safe fur us kats, either.

Thanks, dudes! 


   πŸŽƒ             Happy Halloween!                 πŸŽƒ 

🐭 Memes courtesy of Cheezeburger 🐭

17 comments on “Happy Halloween

  • Thank you for the safety message. Our sweet cats depend on us just like we depend upon them. I keep my three locked in the bedroom with kibble, water and litter box. At eight o’clock I turn off the porch light. The little kids are done for the evening and the older ones are too old to be begging for candy.

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