Fifty Shades of HISSED! ðŸ˜¾

Published October 25, 2015 by hairballexpress

Well, I had something different planned fur today – (My Kat confessions) – but now I’m flippin HISSED, so the only thing I’m confessing today is that the humans around here are in BIG trouble! *sharpens claws*

I mean, after all the time I’ve invested in training these idiots, you’d think they’d know by now that they need to get my purrmission before getting any ideas about leaving me alone to go play with other humans. 

Dude! Whose supposed to FEED ME?

I was sleeping so peacefully – (wiped out from mouse hunting all night while those two slept on the job) – then, the creepy neighbor next door knocked and scared the fleas right off me, and I realized those two rebellious humans were GONE!

They stayed gone all flippin afternoon, and when they came back, it took the human furever  to realize that I was hungry – and then, they started showing off pictures of the littlest Creature – and talking about how excited they are that he’ll be here fur a visit soon! Of all the NERVE!

Oh joy. I can smell those peanut butter paws already….

 And of course, if he’s here, then the CREATURE WILL BE HERE TOO!🙀 

Poor Serafina in her 750th capture of the day…

And between her plotting and that look in the littlest Creature’s eyes, a Kat doesn’t have a chance!


I think it’s time I put my paw down to these humans,… 


27 comments on “Fifty Shades of HISSED! ðŸ˜¾

  • (Tess meowing here, I stole the creature’s black light-up box) please give me a tip on how to teach my creature a lesson, whatever I do isn’t working! All of those times where it picks me up is SUPER annoying (1,358)! Honestly, nothing gets through to it. Help…?

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  • Good luck with that. From personal experience we have found that humans can be very selfish. At least for us, we do not have to worry about any of those little creatures. Good luck. It sounds like it may be time for an extended stay UTB. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

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