Monday Serafina and Creature Feature 

Published October 19, 2015 by hairballexpress


Well, they did it again. The Creature’s Mom took the human out fur coffee so they could “talk.”

I don’t know what it is about humans and that black gold they drink every chance they get. But they went to a special place with the Creature and drank coffee while the Creature ate her pawsome fish and chips (without saving some fur cute little me)!😾

So the human snapped this picture of the Creature as she began snuggling her Mommy and calling her “her little horsie!”


Awwww,…..I feel a hairball coming on…..*HACK / HACK!*

Oh my kats!
 MOL!😹  They spent furever “talking,” and enjoying delicious food (while I stayed home in the windowsill with only dry cereal to eat…all by my furry little self)… And later, I saw these pictures on the human’s iPhone, which means….

  That somebody got Serafina a new toy (but not ME)!


(That’s okay, human – I’ll order my own toys while you take a shower…)😼

Meanwhile, at the Creature’s house,…




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