Good morning, humans 😺

Published October 14, 2015 by hairballexpress

I just realized that last night I never did today’s post (oops)…

But it’s the human’s fault….no, REALLY!

You see, human #2 had to have two purrceedures done at the Dr.’s office yesterday (at the same time)- and he was knocked out fur them -and it took a long time. 

And then it took even looooonger fur him to wake up enough to talk to the doctors and get dressed!

All the while I was here wondering why the human was there with him instead of here pampering me!😾

And then,… When they finally DID come home, the human had her paws full taking care of him – Flippin human! *tail FLAP!*😾 

She did eventually feed me (a whole 15 MINUTES after they got home – can you BELIEVE IT)!? 

And she did (try) to love on me and brush me once he was okay – but I wasn’t having it! By golly, I’m The Flippin QUEEN around here, and I didn’t authorize any of this absence and negligence! 

So now, in addition to all my usual important things to do (catching bugs, terrorizing spiders, shredding toilet paper, knocking down expensive trinkets, shredding the yoga mat)- I also have to think up a suitable punishment fur the humans’ negligence. *Sigh*

Geez. A kat’s work is never done!😾


30 comments on “Good morning, humans 😺

  • My Dearest Queen Shrimp, I am exhausted just reading about what those humans put you through! But being the Glorious Queen that you are, I know you will forgive those humans since their main reason for going to work and earning money is so they can feed & pamper you with castles and toys! Make sure they give you and extra Reiki Kitty massage! ❤

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  • I know eggsactly what you mean Shrimp. Mom comes home and has to take her jacket and runners off, then go to the bathroom and make a cuppa tea and finally gets around to saying hi to us. Then she realizes their is no food and feeds us. How do we get her to see us right away? Peeps really!!


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  • The nerve of them! 😾😾 What the flea is wrong with the humans!? (*tail flaps*) Hope your punishment fur the humans’ negligence will teach them a lesson. MWAHAHAHA!!!!!!! 😉

    Love ya! ❤ ❤ ❤
    xx Roxy & Tigerlino 😺

    PEEEEEEEEEEE ESSSSSSSSSSSS: We're sorry to hear that human #2 is not feeling well. We hope it's nothing serious and that he's already feeling much better! All the best to you all! Love, Roxy & Tigerlino ❤

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