Purrfessor Shrimp: More Lessons (fur us female kats)

Published October 13, 2015 by hairballexpress

Greetings felines. 

This is Purrfessor Shrimp back with more of my lessons on “How to be a respectable kat.”  
One of the first things I want to teach my fellow female felines is this –

Don’t put up with any malarkey from those flippin Toms!

Remember, they may look like this…   And they may be good hunters and know how to bring home the mice,…  They may even know how to cook…   They may even seem to be wise…  But the purroblem is,… They’ll make you do things to get you into trouble… They won’t like you chatting in the kat rooms with other kats… They’ll hit the cream a little too heavy,…  They won’t like what you serve fur dinner – (even though you made it with your own four paws)…  They’ll do the wrong thing at the wrong time,… And even though they’ll LOOK like this,…  You can bet they’ll ACT LIKE THIS – 

Trust me – you just don’t wanna go there! 😾

🐬 Memes courtesy of Cheezeburger 🐬


18 comments on “Purrfessor Shrimp: More Lessons (fur us female kats)

  • Bah, shrimp you are a mistomist .. My tom is a gentleman who even lets his lady cat friend eat from his food bowl. He puts up with her shenanigans and the only annoying thing about him is his rear-end-fixation. Sometimes his nose seems to be glued to her behind … But apart from that he is really, really good company. Willing to share his playthings, his human, his bed – he is even learning new tricks by her – like sleeping in one of the cat caves or hiding under the woollen blanket that covers the couch.

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