My Flippin bath was interrupted…

Published October 8, 2015 by hairballexpress

By the human’s loud SQUEAL….

 when she answered the door to THIS: 

 🙀 I tried to check it out- after all, it was A HUGE BOX- it had to be fur the kat, right?


The moron human was all over that thing like wet on rain!

She had that puppy unpacked  before I could twitch a whisker!

And then….  

She started singing the song of the redeemed… 

So now, where the flea is MY cup? 😾


28 comments on “My Flippin bath was interrupted…

  • Wasn’t the old one the creature’s family gave your Humans good enough?! I have learned from a reliable source that those things are frickin’ expensive! Did they really NEED a new one? Why? For the color?! All that money just so they can have a ‘pretty’ blue one?!
    What about what the cats need?! You and Serafina could be up to your tails in shrimp, crab, bacon, beef, chicken… Not to mention cat toys, perches, comfy heated beds! HOW does this coffee thing benefit cats- with a cup of hot water?! WHOOPIEDOO!!!!!!
    It’s a disgrace and the purchase should have been run by you for permission to buy.
    Shrimp my friend, this cannot be over looked or excused, you must inflict punishment. I suggest a serious, no messing around approach: the ‘gift’ that lets them know what you think of this exploit. Yep, jump up there when they are asleep and gift them a fresh, steamy, stinky one next to their beloved human treat dispenser. See how they like finding that morning ‘treat’ in front of their tasty coffee maker! MEWHAHAHA! *rolls on floor shaking with laughter*


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    • MWAHAHAHA!!! 😹 Well, I would, except the one the Creature’s Mom had given her to use when hers died was from her office at the credit union – and everyone at the office with her had stayed using it so they all really missed it – too hard to stop working and go to Starbucks fur coffee when you’re purrocessing loans fur clients (not to mention expensive)


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