Oh my FLEAS- this is NOT good!

Published October 1, 2015 by hairballexpress

Sometimes a kat just wakes up knowing it’s going to be a bad day…


                 * darts under bed *

The human woke up and bounced out of bed early today and went to grab herself a cup of coffee and spend some time in purrayer before starting the day. Little did she know she was about to discover a whole new reason to purray! 😹

I knew something was wrong when she pushed the button to brew, and turned around a few seconds later to grab her cup and said, 

“Are you kidding me? REALLY?”


She looked at her empty cup, checked everything, and tried again. The Keurig sputtered, splashed, and groaned, but not a drop fell into her cup. Then it decided to turn itself off. 

She turned it on and tried again. 

It groaned, splashed and sputtered, and turned itself off again. 

     *hiding behind the blinds*

Now listen here, you lazy chunk of plastic,…” 

It didn’t.

And so, fur the next hour or so, the human went through the owner’s manual, and tried everything possible, but still had an empty cup.

So what did this mean fur me? LATE BREAKFAST!😾

No little paper umbrella in my water, no tuna flakes sprinkled on my fancy feast, no nip – no morning snuggles, no brushing –  but of course, the moron remembered to wipe my eyes and put eyedrops in them! *tail FLAP!*
Lucky fur me, she decided to walk to the Creature’s house and use their Keurig – or I might have had to actually CATCH my breakfast this morning! 🙀 


(Memorial service planned fur 6:00 pm tonight).


16 comments on “Oh my FLEAS- this is NOT good!

  • Another example of how hysterical humans get when they don’t get what they want! It’s a good thing we felines are able to keep a level head and NEVER act as crazy when we don’t have what we want when we want it. Why get looney when you KNOW you will get what you want when you want it or the servant will be punished. Have you come up with a punishment for your late breakfast? I suggest something she’ll never forget, nor find pleasant (the unpleasantness will be recorded in the human memory so next time it will reappear so human will perform duty to avoid unpleasantness happening again): the pukes. Notice that includes an ‘s’ at the end dear Shrimp- one simple puke pile will not do. You must puke a bit, run a foot or two puke again, and repeat. The more piles, long pathway the better. MEWHAHAHA!


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