Intervention Tuesday (or) YET MORE REASONS why you don’t need a dog 

Published September 29, 2015 by hairballexpress

Okay, Dudes – I can’t believe we have to go through this whole bit again, but some of you humans still insist on wanting a dog! 

Really? *Sighs LOUDLY *

Alright, let’s try this ONE MORE TIME…. *tail FLAP!*

 Reason 1.) They eat your pizza. 

Note: kats only eat the meat and cheese. We leave the onions, veggies and crust fur you because we’re generous. You’re welcome.
Reason 2.) They eat crayons and then, well, you know. 

Note: We kats don’t eat crayons.  We just slap them all over the house to make it more challenging fur the little creatures to find them and leave all those drawings on the walls. You’re welcome. Reason 3.) They destroy the house when they get bored.

Note: We kats have less intrusive ways of entertaining ourselves when we’re bored – like picking on the dog, and shredding your drapes – (only to make them look better, of course).
  Reason 4.) They eat our nip and then act even more stupid (hard to believe, I know).

 Reason 5.) They’re idiots, so they need to be housebroken with obedience school.  An unnecessary  expense if you don’t get a dog to begin with.

  Reason 6.) They have no style.

 Reason 7.) The kat won’t like it.

  Reason 8.) The kat will win any and ALL fights – (just a little advance warning to help you avoid the vet bills).

  Reason 9.) They break things.

Note: We kats never break things -(unless they’re tacky and need replaced – in other words, free decorating help)…you’re welcome (again).


Reason 10.) Again- the kat won’t like it! 😾

🐥 Memes courtesy of Cheezeburger 🐥


17 comments on “Intervention Tuesday (or) YET MORE REASONS why you don’t need a dog 

  • Kats are loving but won’t let their hearts be hurt. I don’t know how many times I’ve said I’m sorry to Toonce! See there I go again I rolled over and disturbed the blanket, I’m sorry Toonce!

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