Oh boy, here we go again! 

Published September 27, 2015 by hairballexpress

Well, the humans are about to get themselves in BIG trouble with Serafina and I…Serafina sent me these selfies she took (with her hidden camera), and you won’t believe what they’ve done now! 

See what the Creature has in her hand? That orange striped thingie?

Guess what she’s about to do with it? Here’s a hint fur ya – Serafina won’t like it!  Oh boy, here it comes –

As it turned out, Serafina wouldn’t cooperate – (GOOD KITTY)! – so the Creature got her Mom to help…  Uh oh – this isn’t looking good – Oh my kats! They have Serafina dressed in a Halloween costume!🙀

She’s a tiger!Oh my kats! I hope their life insurance is paid – I think Serafina has some ideas about a Halloween surprise of her OWN!

Meanwhile, the Creature got her costume today….  


(But I suspect that if she gets near Serafina with that tiger costume again, She’ll be going as a mummy instead)! 



28 comments on “Oh boy, here we go again! 

  • Shrimp, this is the final straw- I’m calling in my fellow soldiers of the Tortie Army and we must strategize our plan to deprogram Serafina. While she did not cooperate with the putting on of the humiliating costume, the fact she didn’t shred the little creature and your Human on the spot, and that’s just NOT NORMAL for a feline!!
    I will notify you via Telegram about the secret location, date, time of the TA meeting, shred the note after memorizing its contents! See mew then! *sneaks off to contact fellow torties*


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