Monday at the kat dating website 

Published September 21, 2015 by hairballexpress

Greetings Humans,Fleabags and Fuzzballs! 😺 ☕ 


Well, since it’s Monday, I decided I needed something (besides coffee)- to get my day off to a good start. 

Since I haven’t found boyfriend #332,103 yet, I decided to visit my favorite kat dating website one more time.

Here’s how it went: 

💗 My name is Shrimp, and I’m a lovely Tortie girl who loves lounging in sunpuddles, chasing dragonflies, manufacturing hairballs, and digging up flowerbeds. 

Looking fur a handsome man kat fur a nice romantic mouse dinner (with a dish of cream, and a kat nip garnish).💗💚💛

Well, here are some of the responses I got right away;

Name: Simon

Occupation: kat tree tester

Simon seemed purrfect – until he started talking about his 40 kittens spread all over the United States and Canada! 😾 NEXT!

 Name: Ray 

Occupation: Mime 

Ray was handsome, but his obsession with miming was more than a little disturbing. And not only was his harmonica “invisible,” his intelligence was too.

 Name: Scratchy 

Occupation: Undecided 


 Name: Spiffy

Occupation: Box tester

Well now,… I think that box does contain awesome! 

 Name: Luke

Occupation: BUG zapper

Luke seems okay, but he hates tuna, he has a record in 3 different states fur “crimes against birds” – (and he snores).

 Name: Jenkins

Occupation: Service kat & Butler 

Hmm… “Service kat” and he knows how to open the door! 😺 Tuna every night fur dinner, and he may even rub my paws!


Name: “Batkat”

Occupation: Batman wannabe

Uh huh. *yawn*

 Name: Tom

Occupation: Mouser

Well now, there’s a catch! And he’s bringing dinner!!😺 *tummy rumbles*

Hmmmmm…who to pick?

What do you think?

🐭 Photos courtesy of Pinterest & Cheezeburger 🐭


23 comments on “Monday at the kat dating website 

  • I’m liking Jenkins. He seems like he knows how to take care of someone 🙂 But of course, he would have to pass my interview first. No one dates my friends without passing the piggy test – snorts and oinks XOXO – Bacon

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  • First of all my fellow royal tortie ladycat friend, I must compliment you on your profile photo- you masterfully give the tortie death glare that we are so well known for. 😻
    The mancat I warn you to avoid out of all candidates is Scratchy, why? Occupation: undecided my paw! This mancat is obviously a ‘Super G PimpDaddy’ wannabe of the most self embarrassing kind. And his name?! I rest my case– with a name like that Bastet knows how or why he got it and choosing him will only guarantee you will too!
    My first choice and recommendation is Jenkins- now here is a mancat with all the essential skills needed to serve ladycats of our stature, the knowledge not to question such required servitude, and best of all: he has the professional desire and commitment to engage in all of the above!
    Grab him now my dear, before I do! 😺


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