Published September 11, 2015 by hairballexpress

Good morning furiends! 😺 ☕ 

I am so relieved that Furiday is here! 

I’ve been doing my yoga and I think I got stuck – because this bed feels so great, I plan on staying here fur the day -(unless I hear a can open)! Mol!😺

Hope you all enjoy my relatives – see ya!


Aunt Tipsy doesn’t like to be disturbed in the litter box –


Her sister, Aunt Felix – (don’t even ask)- has made an art form of insulting people.


Trixie & Dixie- (my sisters from my 15th Daddy’s side), are always arguing. 


Uncle Flip -(again, just don’t ask)- believes in training creatures early on. Of course, his extremely long claws help…


Great Grandkitty Sam used to warn  my brother, Frank that the sushi was going to eventually get even with him – too bad he laughed!

  Aunt Ginger tried her paw at counseling – it didn’t go over very well with her humans!


Every time Uncle Bubba loses a few pounds, he finds them again in the fridge -and in the trail mix!


Of course, we try not to talk about poor Muffin – 


Or sister Angelina… (But the therapy is helping)-


Brother Skipper went on the 21 day Fix – and lasted just under 21 minutes (hey – he’s a kat)!


Otis swears he hasn’t seen the dog since lunchtime – really! *burp*

🐭 Memes courtesy of Cheezeburger and Pinterest 🐭


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